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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 19 Screen caps

Cha Do Hyun is not afraid to let the world know about his personality disorder. This would not even scare him out of the company. He will take responsibility of the rightful heritage he has being a Seungjin successor. Ri Jin stays by his side.

If there were lots of pains in the past for Ri Jin, there were also memorable happy memories spent with Do Hyun aka Jin Young. Moments that lingered in the depths of her heart and mind.

The episode says goodbye to Park Perry, Ahn Yo Sub and the charismatic Ahn Yo Na. But before Do Hyun can have a completely free personalities, a new one appeared.

How about my bias, Shin Se Gi? Poor boy. The one that absorbed all the pains still has to say his own goodbyes. 


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