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Monday, March 23, 2015

[Highlights] BLOOD Episode 11 Screen caps and GIF

Rough Recap / Highlights Only

Ri Ta seems to be doing some study regarding what she had talked about with Hyun Woo. She asked about vampires. She even helped him to go inside the morgue to check up on the patient who died and get blood samples.

Okay, this one is hilarious. I should have captured the entire scene but net was lagging. Luvvy recorded conversations between Ji Sang and Ri Ta. Accomplice was Hyun Woo. Ji Sang tried to catch his naughty friend as he ran away from him.

Another missed capture. The first meeting of their eyes was like love at first sight!. Have to share this second stares from these two...not even caring of people around them seeing this interaction.

LOL at Cheif Jung! He is seeing his assistant flirting!

Then here was Ri Ta who chanced upon n the date of Ji Sang and Ga Yeon. Oh, oh...she has always been feeling jealous of this girl.

Yeah...Ji Sang, you're caught in the act!

Did Ji Sang gave an excuse? Ri Ta seemed not to believe him.

And the daebak twist of the episode!

Yeah, it is Min Ga Yeon, the mystery woman talking with Lee Jae Wook. She was the child he felt close to and the one who fell from the roof top of the hospital ages ago. He helped her by drinking his blood. 

Compassion is noble and noted, still it is wrong to make her a vampire and put her life in his hands.

Ga Yeon was the one who shot Ji Sang in the earlier episode, with the chemical that killed his parents.


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