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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 18 Screen caps

I think I will have to share screen caps for the last three episodes first. This is already two weeks late. Got to wrap up my thoughts on this drama, soon.  It is not because the story has reached it's climax and the remaining episodes are just tying up loose ends and I am not interested anymore in writing my thoughts. It's just that after watching them, I have to collect my thoughts to at least give insights to what I have understand so far of the story.

Well... episode 18 screen caps here now. Mostly, this is about saying goodbye to the personalities within Do Hyun. Ah seriously, it was heart tugging even Ahn Yo Na's part. Not sure if multiple personality disorder can really be cured but in this case the writer decided to make a fresh start for Do Hyun as he is getting better and healed after facing his fears and being brave to acknowledge all the sufferings of the past. There is much to forgive for the both of them, Do Hyun and Ri Jin but it will take a lot of time until the wounds are all healed and become scars of the past that will fade, hopefully.

The romance started. Do Hyun and Ri Jin are taking another chance at love.
Will write  thoughts on the last three episodes in the final screen caps.


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