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Monday, March 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Hong Jong Hyun in Mama Episodes 2 & 3 GIF - Ku Ji Sub Cut

After three days, I finished watching Mama, the korean drama that brought a lot of tears flowing down my face. It's a good drama about family and friendship but most of all, a mother's love to her child.

I won't write reviews [just some thoughts on every picture] but I will share gif of Ku Ji Sub, the charismatic, confident and straight forward young man who developed feelings towards the heroin of the drama. It is love but I am not sure if he fell in love with her. There is compassion and respect between them but more then that he wants to protect her. It is not a romantic drama between noona/dongsaeng but then I enjoyed every scenes they had.

Hong Jong Hyun was the reason I decided to watch the drama. I can say that his acting is good and it progressed positively from the first moment he appeared on the screen. He can really deliver in a serious drama. I have watched him in Jungle Fish 2 and even though he was much younger in there, I am already impressed by the way he portrayed his role there. Maybe because he is a quiet man that's why roles like that suits him.

Well, will start to share gif from episodes 2 and 3. 

Arriving from the airport, his character as Ku Ji Sub already showed the charismatic appeal that will turn heads.

Then finding that his studio/apartment was leased to a woman 10 years his senior. Ah, ah noona, but he is not addressing her like that, not even using honorifics...yup, over confident, Ku Ji Sub.

And he won't admit he is a BOY!

But then she would not be intimidated by his looks and arrogant personality..:))

Ki Ju Sub got himself one feisty woman. He was locked out!

No choice but to camp right outside the studio. Just to annoy the hell out of her, maybe...lol

But then I won't complain if this hot namja is just out in front of my house.

Wow! What a feast to the eyes! Chiuncha!!!

Hahaha..he was ignored again by this woman.

Not even interested why he was there. Well, she was feeling sick...

But he had gotten something that she desperately needed that time. Her pills. He peeked inside. Right, seemed she was looking for the thing in his hand.

Another scene...

Sleeping in a hammock, he was suddenly disturbed by a coming vehicle. He thought the people inside where there to camp and date, so he walked towards them and told them to go away. He never even asked politely even if they are much older than him.


There is a saying "don't mess with someone who just woken up". For he will surely be grumpy!

I enjoyed the episodes particularly Ku Ji Sub's appearance. Will share more until I finished making gif for the whole drama.

Every noona and ahjumma loved this namja and I am not surprised. His character is likeable and lovable.

I just wish the romantic side between him and the heroine was given a chance and made it a love that will forever engraved in his heart long after she is gone.


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