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Friday, October 10, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Discovery of Romance Final Thoughts

In episode 15, Ha Jin has been able to let go of Han Yeo Reum even though she already broke up with him. I could almost not understand Ha Jin when he acted fine as if  the break up did not happen when he saw Yeo Reum again. He was going to go through with th relationship regardless of what Yeo Reum's feelings. For a moment there I thought Yeo Reum would back down. let her pity overcame and also not be firm in her decision to break up already. The thing is, Ha Jin can be annoying with his over kindness and patience with Yeo Reum. As if he thinks he can protect her and their love with only his super strength of will not to just give up.

But then, understanding came later, for him [and for me, too] that he is the kind of person who does not say goodbye. When Ah Rim went away, leaving him a letter, it says it all about him, about their previous relationship and the big deal of saying goodbye and not letting go. It hurts Ah Rim and so it must be hurting Yeo Reum with his continuous clinging to their already dead relationship. He is just content to be in a relationship even if happiness is lacking which is bad.

Finally, the goodbye from Ha Jin. Actually, he is the most suitable choice compare to Kang Tae Ha. His qualities are exemplary. A good son, a patient lover, an understanding friend and a charming personality all rolled into one. a good catch, some might have summarized it. But then, it is not about looks or what he is as a person. The story is about finding that one true love that makes the heart flutter or feel the pains of just being with a room with that one special person. Discovery of Romance has tackled it perfectly. That while we avoid the same mistakes we did in the past however it brought us so many memories, there is no escaping what the hearts truly feels and longs for.

Yeo Reum has changed. She has gone through everythiing. She has debated, struggled within herself about Kang Tae Ha and how she wants to stay in a stable relationship with Ha Jin. But then she lost to her heart. There is no winning against it when it is clearly longing for Tae Ha. But then she realized she must not be selfish because she would hurt one person with her decision. For this episode, she chose to be alone, to heal and move forward without either of them by her side.

The final episode is a happy ending, thank you writernim!

I confess that I am not really sure where the story would end. Yeo Reum's character has been unpredictable from episode 1. Her choices can go either way. I am not sure who will she choose despite who lies inside her heart. She has done it before when she ran out of Ha Jin's apartment, and I thought she gave up already but then, she was there, crouched outside the door, crying, and yes, it caught me surprised that she decided to stay with Ha Jin.

So when I read that the writer will not be able to satisfy the viewers with it's ending, suddenly I have this premonition of open ending scenario or that this will be another Mary Him I You Dare where the man chosen at the end was not revealed, which made me mad for the writer's cowardliness. So, with this I was not as confident that she would choose Tae Ha in the end with her unpredictable personality.

A year has passed and the three were living their own lives trying to move on like any other normal person. But then, Ha Jin is like the only one in denial up to this point about Yeo Reum. He kept the ring on his finger, giving the impression that he is still engaged and will marry anytime. Tae Ha worked harder and when Yeo Reum's name came up while in a meeting with his staff, he was frank enough to relay that she was his ex girlfriend and so it stopped there. Yeo Reum focused on her craft despite sudden urges of wanting to talk to Tae Ha in the middle of the night for missing him. By this time, it is clear who she wants to be with.

Anyway, just as Yeo Reum is unpredictable, so is the writer. Surprise, surpirse, I was caught off guard by Yoo Ah In's cameo in the beginnings of episode 16. Ah, his beautiful face appeared before Yeo Reum and I thought, will she have a new man in her life, then? Well, it's a short scene but worth seeing his charm.

Destiny is working for both Tae Ha and Yeo Reum. I believe, the drama wants to show that everything is planned when it comes to finding true love. Because Yeo Reum and Tae Ha may avoid each other, but their world is really small and intertwined. A common client brought them together in one place to meet again after a year. I like how Tae Ha had finally controlled his emotions, not giving her a chance to see or make fun of it or get the upper hand in irritating him, which is what Yeo Reum is best when she does decide to pester him.

But then Tae Ha also saw Ha Jin who out of childish revenge wanted to hurt him by saying the wedding will take place soon and the invitations are already out. Poor Tae Ha, having to hear that from Ha Jin and thinking he was dumped in favor of this doctor. Well, I hope Ha Jin would drag his feelings but he woke up from his own ridiculous childish vengeance on Tae Ha that he finally let go of the ring. He is moving on, moving outside of Korea to find his own calling of treating people who are in need./ A voluntary mission which will bring surprise to him.

The final goodbyes at the airport is sad and melancholy for both Ha Jin and Yeo Reum. What they had wa real and promising. But then they were not happy. They were just contented with being with each other. Seeing the scenes, finally, my heart rested in peace. Yes, I can have my happy ending after all.

What's good with Yeo Reum, once she found out or accepted the fact that she should be living her life not minding what other people say, should be what she should do. She is different from her father who stayed with her mother even if his heart belonged to another woman. He died lonely.

So, the unexpected chanced meeting with Tae Ha was a farce. She already researched on line his schedule and where to see him. Tae Ha was clueless because he thought she was engaged, but he was not seeing a ring on her finger. And this girl was wearing his gifts, the bags, the necklace and the pair of earrings. He was just so slow in catching up on what she was cooking right before his eyes. A brave girl, that is Yeo Reum. Running for the one she loves.

The ending is actually the beginning of a new chapter in Tae Ha and Yeo Reum's love story. Discovering their love for the second time is painful and enlightening at the same time. It was like they were given a second chance at love to make new memories, to correct mistakes made in the past and to finally understand what love is between them. Discovery of Romance made each character mature. 

Then there is the story of Joon Ho and Yoon Sol. Theirs is a fun and entertaining kind of discovery being friends all through their school days. There is a saying about not looking for love in a far  away places because it might just be in front of you is so true. Not realizing they have developed a romantic feelings for each other because of familiarity, it took a long time to recognize true love.

A happy ending for Yeo Reum's mom and the director, too. After long years, finally the mom gave in. Then Jung Muk [Tae Ha's secretary] has a possible romance with the mom's secretary who was behind the book Discovery of Romance. 

This kind of story tells that first love will always have a special meaning in one's life. It never vanish even if time passes by. And if given the chance to fix what ruined it, then go for it. You might just discover a new kind of romance just for you.

screen caps were already posted previously for both episode 15 and 16. please visit the page.

this is mslee1107 writing

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