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Friday, May 16, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Big Man Episode 5 Screen caps - Kang Dong Suk is Playing On Kang Ji Hyuk's Weakness

Short Recap and thoughts...

Just as I predicted last week, Ji Hyuk is not as dumb as Do Sang Ho thinks. Ji Hyuk lived a life that always got in trouble with the authorities. He is not that naive not to know  how it works. Yes, Sang Ho thought Ji Hyuk left with the money as bribe but what Ji Hyuk offered the prosecutor was really an expensive wine. He was off the hook. 

Ji Hyuk may be sometimes ignorant especially when it comes to managing a company with his limited educational background, he is also not the sophisticated type, but what he has is knowledge he learned in the street and how to deal and communicate well with people. Ji Hyuk is more of gullible than stupid. He is in this situation because he trusts the people who told him he is their son. He is unworldly and unsuspecting which is ironic when he grew up in an orphanage and then on the streets. 

Deep inside, Ji Hyuk has a good heart and pure intention that's why he is popular in his neighborhood. This personality he has endears him to those around him. Good in a way but for people like Hyun Sung Group, a means to play around with him and use him to their benefit and schemes.

It's not only Kang Sung Wook who holds the reigns but his son Kang Dong Suk is much more intelligent and perceptive. He came back. He seemed fit already after having a heart transplant. He first visited So MI Ra. There was a bit of awkwardness on her part but the reunion was okay.

When Zaroque gave them their word that they intend to partner with Hyun Sung Distribution they trusted their word, not realizing that Sung Wook and his team will do anything to stop the business deal and bribe the representative who they spoke with. A problem arises, workers became anxious and Mi Ra wants to help.

When Dong Suk and Ji Hyuk finally met each other, Ji Hyuk was very accommodating and really glad. Dong Suk is like the condescending one, although he is smiling and talking nicely, his brain is working overtime assessing Ji Hyuk. He felt odd when he knew Mi Ra works for Ji Hyuk and also working hard to support and save the company. 

Ji Hyuk and Dong Suk went to eat lunch. There he offered a huge sum of money to compensate Ji Hyuk. He is looking down on him, not anticipating the reaction he would get. Ji Hyuk was insulted. He told Dong Suk he does not want money, he will resign from his post and leave. All he wants is a family. Hearing this, Dong Suk knew how to play Ji Hyuk's emotions. He called him "Hyung" which put back the smile and trust in Ji Hyuk.

If Ji Hyuk is trusting Dong Suk is the opposite. He will do anything to make sure Ji Hyuk will come to save him and be the one who will be in prison when the time comes. He told his father that he will handle Ji Hyuk. He asked Ji Hyuk to come and join the family dinner. He also asked him to keep a huge amount of money and deposit it in his account for fear that the prosecutor may find it as his. Ji Hyuk is falling for Dong Suk's lies and schemes.

Hyun Sung organized a fashion show in the middle of the market but because there was pressure from Sung Wook, models were not available. As he representative of the clothing line Zaroque arrived he was not sure if he was in the right place. What he saw were vendors wearing the clothes and it was being recorded. A live show where people are comfortably wearing the clothes and looking good in them. The concept is much more appealing than a mere typical fashion show. The representative gave his word that he will be working with Hyun Sung. Everyone was very delighted they celebrated after.

They got the clothing line. Another victory by Ji Hyuk which irritated Sung Wook. Dong Suk dropped by at the restaurant where they gathered. He saw the people around Ji Hyuk. He saw Mi Ra and how people see her, as Ji Hyuk's girlfriend.

The ending was another ploy to destroy Ji Hyuk and the company. Mi Ra heard Sung Wook in a phone call ordering someone to make sure Ji Hyuk charged with everything and get arrested. 

The story is becoming interesting each episode. It's like watching a match, a board game, who will win and who will be defeated. Every move is being blocked. So far Ji Hyuk has been lucky. But it won't always be that way. In all the characters, I have hope in JIn Ah. She remained doubtful of Ji Hyuk being her brother. 

Mi Ra is becoming close to Ji Hyuk. Even if she doesn't want to, she has been seeing his good intention. I am liking Dong Suk's sneaky ways. He is so cool, he can control his emotions yet he is hiding a hot temper. He uses his head to read Ji Hyuk. 

Dong Suk has a way of making me appreciate his dark humor, but he also makes me grit my teeth for his suave underhand plans. He is the perfect two faced in a sophisticated suit. 

How Ji Hyuk and Dong Suk will play this drama is something to look forward to.


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