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Sunday, May 11, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Angel Eyes Episode 9 - Random Thoughts

First thoughts...

Should I pity Ji Woon for his pains? If I were to put myself in his shoes, I would feel betrayed.  Not that the relationship has not yet been broken by Soo Wan countless times, but because Dong Joo never once revealed who he is and what he is in Soo Wan's life. It is always painful to loose your girl to someone you never expected , to someone you felt closer as a friend. I guess the betrayal is in the form of  being clueless all this time. But when it comes to what Soo Wan feels for him, it has been cleared that her heart already belongs to someone else. I want to understand Ji Woon and his heart aches but I guess being stubborn to accept Soo Wan's decision is his fault and if he is dying of misery, it's not Dong Joo or Soo Wan to blame but him. He hoped too much when he was informed that it's over. He thought he can make her change her mind. He thought if all he does is wait, time will be his edge. He thought it was unfair that Dong Joo left and not communicate once, while he stayed by her side for 12 years, but he is still being cast away. What should I say to all these? Personally, when it comes to the matters of the heart, there is no logic, no reason, no wrong to fight for the one you love. This is true just as the saying "All Is Fair In Love and War". But then again, there is dignity in accepting defeat than fight for a love that won't come. How can he be happy when the woman he loves is loving another man? 

I hope Ji Woon can over come his greed in holding on to Soo Wan. But I think that will take a lot of time. And if he feels angry towards Dong Joo, I think I can tolerate it for some time more. He needs to be rational.

Soo Wan and Dong Joo...

The episode continues to show that both are giving their new found relationship or reconciliation a chance. What I like is how Soo Wan never minds saying how she feels. She treated Dong Joo's bruised lip from the blow Ji Woon gave him. She is already acting the girlfriend. And she doesn't mind letting Ji Woon know she loves Dong Joo. She can also be vocal to Dong Joo about being sorry to Ji Woon. He understand her feelings because he, too feels sorry. Ji Woon is not less than a man than him, but if qualifications should matter, Ji Woon can win over him. 

Dr. Oh Young Ji

Clearly, she is hiding something. She asked someone to investigate Park Dong Joo.  The mystery about the hit and run would soon unfold. One of the owners of the imported cars during the incident that belongs to the list was her husband's name. The writer is finally connecting the doctor to the incident that took the life of Jung Hwa. What happened after the surgery, when a masked man called someone and was told to finish off the victim inside the hospital could be a command from the culprit who doesn't want to be found out. 

Ji Woon

As he was taking a shower, his abdomen was shown. Are they marks on his abdomen? Marks of what? From an accident? My mind runs off to possible connection. Was he a part of that accident?

Dr. Jae Beom and Soo Wan

She has a lot of courage facing her father and telling him that she loves Dong Joo. I love her words, "Should I pay him back with a lie?" Pertaining to Ji Woon. 

The story is not yet convincing me the reasons Dr Jae Beom does not want them to be together is because he really prefer Ji Woon over Dong Joo. I like to think that his guilt is the only reason keeping him from letting his daughter with Dong Joo. If there is more than the guilt he is hiding, then I need to wait for more to reveal. There is definitely no relation between what Dr Jae Beom feels with what happened to Jung Hwa and Dr Oh Young Ji possible connection to it. I do hope  Dr. Jae Beom would soon realize that his mistake can be forgiven because both Soo Wan and Dong Joo would understand. He is only human. And there was foul play already done before he let her die.


Without him, where will I find laughter from this drama? His cuteness is overflowing. He is more than excited to see Ellie be the babysitter of the son of team leader Woon Chan. I am very positive that when these two have the chance to be on the same screen, it will double the fun!

The unexpected scene!

Who would have expected a kiss between Dong Joo and Soo Wan in episode 9?! Not me!

 I did not see it coming in this episode. But I think the writer already hinted a possible kiss when the two went to supermarket and there was a couple kissing at the escalator. I thought Soo Wan was so cute and very honest of her feelings when she turned her head sideways. That action is waiting to be kissed on the cheeks but Dong Joo just smiled looking at her. So I was, "What?" 

Then the emotional scene that is really wonderful. Dong Joo hearing Jung Hwa's voice through a recorder. I think that moment was so beautiful. It was a surprise that gave him a shock. A loved one's voice is always something that is worth hearing especially if he/she was gone. Dong Joo felt how he has been missing his mother's voice. He cried. I cried. Who would not? It was such a great moment.

Soo Wan comforted him. Through his sadness and tears, she hugged him. She lifted his face, kissed his face. They looked at each other, then she kissed him again, this time in the lips.

I love how Soo Wan initiated the kiss. She is not holding her emotions. Seldom I watch a k-drama where the woman initiated a kiss this way. It is not a playful kiss. Not a teasing kiss. But a kiss conveying that she loves him and she is there to support him or just wanting to ease his sadness.

So far, the story continues to give me what I want to see. An openness in a relationship. Being vocal of what they want to say. Of drawing the line despite difficulties. I want this kind of honesty in characters. I hope both Soo Wan and Dong Joo continue to be honest with each other and not fall to misunderstanding because of lack of communication which is often seen in other stories. 

Before I end my post, I would just like to say "Kamsahamnida" PDnim for this another unexpected scene of Dong Joo. A feast to viewers who is already falling in love with this amazing guy. Well not exactly a feast, but more of teasing the viewers.:))

I hoped he would turn around even for just a second! [wink]

this is my random thoughts


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