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Saturday, May 17, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] A New Leaf Episodes 5 & 6 Screen caps - Review

Kim Seok Joo is like a lost genius little boy . He has not yet recovered his memories about himself but no problem with what he learned as a lawyer. He retains his intelligence but when it comes to everyone who he has met, dealt and became friends with, he has no recollection.

The story is about a man who was eaten by his success as a lawyer. Whatever follows, all decisions and perceptions were all because of his mindset. He uses his mind to control his emotions. It became a habit. An integral part of him that without knowing, he let go of what his heart is telling him. But now, after the accident, with no memory, his heart is once again taking over. Letting inner conscience to whisper and make him uncomfortable enough to change his thoughts and actions.

Episode 5 & 6 Short Recap

Seok Joo feels bothered by his lost memories. He can't forget the spat he got from Jung. Alone, he questions, ponders and perhaps feels confused of his decisions about each case he handled. He reviews them. 

Lee Ji Yoon's association with him is causing other workers to talk about them. His friend Park Sang Tae is always eyeing them when they are together. Some are wondering about his actions. They knew the real Seok Joo. Even Jeon Ji Won whom Ji Yeon has a crush on told her that Seok Joo is not the type to drive home a woman. All Seok Joo's actions are so opposite of what he used to be.  Jeon Ji Won is one of the youngest judge. He has a very nice personality, kind and helpful to elders. A trait which Ji Yeon appreciate.

Current situation in the office: some cases Seok Joo handles are being let go and being appointed to other teams. Because Seok Joo is the most valuable lawyer and clients seek him, some hesitated if Seok Joo won't represent them. Team leader Kang was so excited when Cha Young Woo offered for him to take one of the major cases Seok Joo is letting go. It's like he won in the lottery. He only needs to resume, the foundation has already been prepared by Seok Joo and what's making Kang happy is that the commission will be his and his team.

Two cases that are currently important in Seok Joo's hands. The oil spill case and the case of the man who has a group of gangsters bodyguard. So far, when confronted by the elders who wants to claim reasonable compensation, Seok Joo showed he understand them. He promised he will review their appeal. But the company he represents is not pleased of his wavering. They told him to either continue or stop. 

Ji Yeon was asked by Cha Young Woo to move in a new apartment, besides Seok Joo's. She was hesitant but because he offered to pay for all the expenses she accepted although she was not ecstatic about the idea. She then continue to let Seok Joo knew the development on Jung's murder case. She also reported about the man who almost died because of attempted suicide when he fell in front of their office building. She was trying to get Seok Joo to change his mind now that she noticed he is struggling and looking bothered by what he seemed like before. She knew he is changing for the better.

 Seok Joo went to visit his father in their home but did not come in. He then visited him at the hospital. They were both awkward. His father cold towards him. He studied his father's profile through media files. He learned how his father protected those who were violated by human rights. A real champion to the poor. He even got imprisoned for them.

Learning these, he still finds himself lost. Nothing connects to him.

The Jung murder case is getting interesting. The prosecution who handles the case is clearly wanting to warp up the case in a hurry, a step to further his career. He invited one of the subordinate of Park who was killed and through a CCTV he was questioned if he saw someone he thinks could be the culprit. He saw a delivery man who looks familiar. Someone who is in a relationship with one of Park's past girlfriend who is pregnant. There could be motive, but he kept the information to himself. Perhaps they want a clean case and not make it more messy as it is. Jung will be the one who will get all the blame considering the connection of the rape case that was settled previously. She is the perfect fall guy, a motive of revenge.

This information was fortunately relayed to Seok Joo when the man invited him for a drink. Trusting that Seok Joo was his boss' lawyer then, what he said was in confidence. Seok Joo took down notes about it and gave the information to Lawyer Lee who was his opponent during the rape case of Jung.

Although it was a bit out of the ordinary, the info served as a big break through. But the guy involved was already bribed by the man who works for Park. He was being sent away. While the prosecution submitted the documents for Indictment already. Body harm resulting to death or murder is being charged to Jung.

She pleaded innocence but the prosecution has no evidence to support her claim. No alibi, no witness. It will be too hard to fight and prove her claim. Even his own private lawyer is not helping, she fired him.

Ji Yeon was so concerned, she went to Seok Joo and told him. In the end, maybe curiosity , maybe to find himself through this case, to get answers why this woman spat on him, he went to see her. Indignant and surprised, Jung did not want to talk to him. But Seok Joo offered himself to represent her. he told her that if she would tell him she is innocent then he is in. But if not, he will walk away. In the end, she told him she is really innocent and that she did not kill Park. Seok Joo sat down and started to take notes but Jung was still confused and maybe shock seeing this man who made her settle from her previous case.

my thoughts

I love the confidence in Seok Joo as he told her " You already know how good I am". This statement is already a winner! With Seok Joo handling this case, this is going to be one of the case that will draw people, will make it to news headlines. A case where Seok Joo will be questioned for his motive. A case that may bring conflict to his firm with Cha Young Woo. 

I think this is going to be a free service. For this case he does not need money, but he will bring justice. I believe, Jung's case will be the turning point in Seok Joo's life. This is not going to be a joyride but getting acquittal would be hard with Park's family influence. But since Seok Joo is already in, the most interesting court room drama will soon be happening.

and mslee is anticipating a;ready

screen caps for episode 5  and 6 follows

Episode  6

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