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Thursday, May 15, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Witch's Romance Episode 7 Screen caps and Review

When two ex-lovers meet accidentally  it is always a shock to the person who least expected it. In this case Ban Ji Yeon was caught off guard with the sudden presence of her ex-fiancee, No Shi Hoon, now a renowned photographer. There is no easy way out in a situation like this. The awkwardness is just one of the feelings one would have. Instead, with a surprise like this, Ji Yeon was not prepared at all, her defenses were all down. But she tried to maintain her composure until she could hold it. Then she walked out, she has nothing to say to him.

I am very impressed at Dong Ha's confidence in this situation. He came to rescue Ji Yeon from humiliation and he got the approval of her college classmates considering he is younger than Ji Yeon. When he faced Shi Hoon he was not nervous at all but claimed her as his girlfriend. I think Dong Ha has come to terms with his feelings for Ji Yeon even before he went to this event. He has finally accepted his growing feelings to Ji Yeon and will do his best to fight for her.

When Shi Hoon caught up with Ji Yeon, he just reminded her how well he knew her. She always went to places where she can be alone when her thoughts are muddled. He asked her if she is okay. For the last 6 years, she told him how she survived and what she went through to come this far. Ji Yeon could have told him "as if you care!" but she chose to be honest, maybe to make him realized she suffered a lot because of him.

I feel sorry to Dong Ha. As of the moment he is an outsider. This is between Ji Yeon and Shi Hoon. Ji Yeon is having a hard time and he doesn't know how to help her. He felt helpless. 

I could count on Soo Chul to make me smile in this sad episode for Dong Ha. I was beginning to have bad thoughts for Eun Chae because she can be a source of misunderstanding between Dong Ha Ji Yeon but surprise, Soo Chul noticed her and seems captivated by her innocent look. Well  do hope she will learn to appreciate Soo Chul.

Trouble Maker decided to do an interview with Shi Hoon. Even though Ji Yeon refused, she had to do it or someone else in the company will. With heavy heart she went to see Shi Hoon but remained cold. She learned how dangerous his work is. He will showcase his work in an exhibit.

Another source of laughter is Ji Yeon's mother who is having a crush to her boss. She was asking Ji Yeon about him and his preference. Honestly, I haven't watched a romance like this, someone's mother and her boss. This is turning out to be cute and I think I will look forward to what extent this infatuation will go.

Dong Ha told Soo Chul about someone who also went to the event but did not tell who it was. By this time, he was really feeling down. Maybe deep inside he knew what are the odds he will be facing.

Ji Yeon was able to talk about Shi Hoon with Dong Ha. Maybe because she was really feeling bad and hurt she was very grateful for Dong Ha who helped her in front of Shi Hoon. What she did not know he did it because he really likes her. I think he was about to say it but the moment was interrupted by Soo Chul calling him from the house. 

When Dong Ha went to retrieve something from Shi Hoon's place, he met Shi Hoon and his assistant. He was left for a moment there. He explored the place and he found the rings together, still being kept by Shi Hoon. A bit odd, but it tells that something there is more to the story. He also noticed pain medications

The romantic part of the episode was when Dong Ha lighted the stairs, the whole place with candles and prepared a drink for Ji Yeon outside. The ambiance was so cool. A little farewell because she will return to her house the next day. He is making an effort to make her see his sincerity towards her. I noticed that Dong Ha is acting like a real man in front of his woman, in this case, Ji Yeon who is much older than him. But age doesn't matter when they are together. I think they have already accepted that fact and Dong Ha is not letting his age undermine his purpose. Between them, he is more confident in showing his feelings. He is handling the situation with coolness.

The revelation!

The secret photo collage masterpiece of Shi Hoon that shows about the woman he loved and still is. Reporters gathered top take a look, take a snap and in the middle of it all, a stunned Ji Yeon. She faced the artwork of Shi Hoon. A form of tribute to her as the center and inspiration to all his works.

In this situation, what can someone like Ji Yeon do? Her perception, her pain, all her emotions must be running wild inside her. Clearly, there is more.

Shi Hoon asked her to start again!

This is another shock to Ji Yeon. Another block Dong Ha is facing. Past versus the present. Will he have enough love for Ji Yeon to make her choose him? Or will the past weigh more because of all the memories shared?

Ah, mslee is Dong Ha and Ji Yeon shipper! Ottoke? Even if there is a reason, tons of reason why Shi Hoon hurt Ji Yeon, still, those pains can not be erased anymore. Time has gone. Six years! No words, no letter, no nothing. 

Sometimes, it is really hard to choose, but if one's heart already fluttered because of this new guy, I think he has a chance. Maybe small compared to what they have gone through together, but sometimes, new memories are more beautiful than keeping old ones.

Dong Ha fighting!


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