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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Episode 11 Master's Sun - And The Romance Continues

The most romantic rom/com of 2013 definitely gave the viewers a happy feeling watching episode 11. Sorry, I was late posting my thoughts, I was feeling the drama and watching it with so much attentiveness, I didn't have time to make screen caps. It's just so beautiful and fun watching both Joo Jung Won and Tar Gong Shil fill the screen. The amazing, amazing chemistry around them makes me want to drool, sigh and my heart is just melting for this couple.

Finally, JJW admitted his feelings for his Tae Yang, but with reservations still. He confessed but leaving Tae Yang to take full responsibility of his feelings. He can't fully commit so it will be Tae Yang who will be the level headed one and when the time comes, she won't cling.

Ah, JJW, you are so scared of your feelings. You were so hurt you can't trust just anyone. The episode is full of JJW and TGS scenes every frame is awesome. With the story of the goat and the wolf, JJW is very curious what happen in the end he requested for the books through his secretary. He is having dificulty reading but for Tae Yang, he is making effort.

The cuteness of So ji Sub as JJW is overload. I can't get enough of his character. And his timing is great for comedic lines.

What can harm the growing feelings between this couple but the sudden appearance of the culprit years ago. Cha Hee Joo had a twin, Hanna and is living nearby. Always has. She is stalking JJW, finding the proper time, maybe for another revenge? No, not revenge but she is definitely cooking something. Perhaps another opportunity to make JJW fall in love with her like he did to her sister CHJ.

As the ending approaches in the episode, Tae Gong Shil was hurt by JJW's words. He told his aunt ashe has no pride or self esteem. That she can't just walk away, but will. Ah, you hurt her  deep, JJW.

TGS walked away crying. She just wore the necklace and it felt she opened her heart to JJW. She was so vulnerable.

JJW followed her home. I wonder too if there was a ghost inside her that time she was conversing with JJW. He, too was surprised when he held her still she talked back in a mocking manner.

What else would JJW  do but make the ghost disappear. And what followed make me as a viewer weak in the knees. How much more Tae Gong Shil when she was the one who received his kiss!

Love the ending of the episode. The romantic expectation of the viewers were delivered and it fill up the screen.

mslee keeps humming to the OST of this drama Touch Love. Once hum, you simply can't get enough of the song.

Episode 12 will be the continuation of this awesome couple. But for now, will share the rest of the screen caps. Got to make another batch tomorrow for the next episode even if it's late. The most important thing, I am having a wonderful time watching and rewatching while capturing.

Enjoy JJW/TGS moments.

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