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Monday, September 16, 2013

Episode 23 Empire of Gold Screen caps

Nothing much in tonight's episode. My internet connection is really bad, so only few captures. The fight for power and sole ownership of the empire is not yet through. MJ and TJ is still in talks even if they both hate each other. SY is thinking and planning ahead as usual.

The most awaited good bye from Seol hee came tonight. She left TJ. TJ went along with his plans of demolishing the building occupied by tenants. Even SH could not put sense in TJ clouded mind.

I want to be happy, but then SH has my sympathy for standing by TJ all this time, giving part of her life to save him and in the end, TJ failed her.

No love line between TJ and SY, it's alright, I jumped off the ship before episode 20.

Tomorrow is the final episode. Feels like all loose ends will be tied at only an hour airtime and looks like it's going to be cramp.

Will have to wait for subs to understand what transpired tonight.

Whoever wins the empire in the end hope you find peace.

just msless's thoughts...

some screen caps.

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