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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Episode 13 Good Doctor Screen caps

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  1. oiiiii Sunbae.. i was waiting for your Good Doctor post so I can write my comment .. but yaa Sunbae.. its now Sunday already.. i forgot hahahah.. now what was my comment.... but definitely if you had posted it on Tuesday.. i would have writen *SOOBB* with a gazillion O's ... i was so miserable during the 2 episodes.. got really desperate wanting to know what happened to our Dr Ppali Ppali after he collapsed like that .. but thanks goodness theres also a forum for GD in soompi, so I actually followed the live recap.. all these memory losses.. distance from his Dr Snow White is breaking my heart... *got teary again*
    that scene where YS took the flower and put in the bin.. but then she squated down and still stared at it can be intepreted in several ways right.. so at the last scene .. i was praying hard .. oh no.. PDnim please dont end this episode without any interaction whatsoever just SO standing down there.. and YS up there... but I got more than what I wished.. SO hugged <3<3 her.. and that was just enough to get me sobbing...
    cant wait till next Monday Sunbae.. cause SO-YS romances is back again !
    check this page Sunbae.. what do you see..hehhe

  2. i was waiting for you to drop by!
    i was so busy with a million things, besides updating other dramas and busy commenting on at least 4 threads @soompi, my time just flew by, and I was surprised I haven't updated GD.

    Well, sorry I forgot to make a comment regarding the episodes, but you're right it was a sad episode with PSO remembering his childhood abusive father and seeing him, made an impact on his disability and as a doctor.

    But in the end, he conquered his fears/anxiety. I now you ship him with our beautiful doctor, so regarding the rose in the bin, you could interpret it as she was having a change of feelings.

    IMO, she was guilty the whole time for telling him she loved him as a brother, which is her true feelings. She distanced herself coz it's the only way to deal with it and for PSO to heal and move on. Her guilt stayed with her making her somber her heart was heavy. She could not show feelings of support coz it will only make PSO hope for more or feel burdened that he confessed but made CYS sad.

    I will stay in my own ship, KIm Do Han and CYS even if the writer will make it PSO and CYS in the end.

    Anyway, i don't want YS to feel she has to return the feelings of SO just to make him feel okay and to have confidence. At the same time I want people around SO to love him, treasure him so that his ability to understand feelings will develop more and in the end, if YS can only love her as a brother, it won't matter anymore, coz he understood and he will be fine with her decisions.

    I don't want guilt to play a role in the romance part. I want to be convinced in the ned who and why CYS choose any of the two.

    course, wishing it will be my fronwing Kim o Han in the end.:) awww...peace momoko hiroshi [hoobae]

  3. oiii Sunbae...scroll down a lil bit more, Prof Do Han .... is not wearing his doctor coat <3<3 hahahahah

    ya Sunbae.. its getting out of control for me following this drama, this emotional roller coaster is one of the reasons i forced myself on hiatus... me and my inefficient and troublesome AADHD hahahaha (bitter laugh that is :DD).. Ive just visited GD soompi thread and am so glad our Dr Snow White is back to herself, but Prof Do Han got stabbed ... literally screamed just now... ottoke ottoke Sunbae.. I really want to start MTT with a fresh mind ... ottoke am I gonna stop GD... not to mention WGM got 2 new pairings one adorable mature, and another one is just chaos... but its and instant fondness of both of them in my part....

    sorry Im of topic Sunbae... Ok.. stopping here Sunbae..

    eat well, and take care OK Sunbae... and go out and look at the blue sky and smell some roses OK Sunbae :DDD