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Monday, August 19, 2013

Empire of Gold - Halfway Already Yet Romance Still Awaits

Episode 14 already done, still the much awaited romance between Choi Seo Yoon and Jang Tae Joo has yet to be felt. There are lots of talks/debate about TJ and SH relationship, but as a viewer I will stand by my own thoughts and previous post that though there is LOVE between the two, I say, it is more than a friend but has yet to fully blown as more than that.

The betrayal form SH was a surprise/devastation for TJ. As his sunbae/friend/confidante/partner and the only female in his life, he has a right to feel betrayed and heart broken. He promised her a life of new beginnings outside Korea to run away from possible indictments but on her own thought/decision, she has done something that TJ won't ever allow her to do. This sacrifice of her came to nothing. The moment she gave her body to congressman Kim was the moment she let go of TJ.

This maybe a sad sight but it opened the door for a TJ and SY romance.

The wedding took off on the same day as planned by SY and the company was saved for now. Power couple TJ and SY unite for a cause. But with different goals in mind.

Gwenchana! Whatever their goals in reaching this decision and fighting as one for now doesn't matter. What I am looking for as a viewer is how this stares between these two will transform into a love like look. Haven't they yet feel the air of tension surrounding them? Whatever they have, as simple as this moment of just outwitting, reading each other's mind and looking through each soul can not be compared to how TJ looks at SH. 

The almost, what could have been for TJ and SH came to an abrupt halt and the course of their destiny changed. The wind blows towards the development of feelings between husband and wife TJ and SY. 

What these two have now is more intimate and closer than what TJ and SH would have. A sharing of bedroom, talks at night before sleeping and TJ making SY uncomfortable and uneasy as always with his arrogance and naughtiness that will surely create the romance I have long been waiting to happen.

What could possibly trigger the sudden shift in the air? The feeling of tension that can not be ignored anymore?

Halfway already, but I know the moment between my OTP, TJ and SY is already in the making. One more night, one more sigh, one more look/stare and everything will fall into place. Whatever the consequences that may come in between, it doesn't matter, because the purpose was served and there's a saying LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

TJ always bet with everything, ALL OR NOTHING. And I am looking forward to him betting his love for SY, all or nothing.

mslee1107 awaits


  1. with just 10 episodes remaining , it's high time the romance should play the game( if love is supposed to happen between TJ and SY) , the story is nicely set by the writers.i hope the writers will cleverly and nicely will bring the love element. Hope as a viewer, it wouldn't seem forceful.
    Also , the story is supposed to be spread over a time span of 20 years and till now i believe only 7 - 9 yrs have been covered. For the writers to take a time jump , some major event has to happen and after watching episode 15 preview, i wonder whether TJ will go to jail for the same to happen.
    looking for forward for episode 15 and your thoughts on same.

  2. thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. truly appreciated. Yes, the writer needs to place the pieces for the next episodes. about the time jump, I also think that it will happen.
    there should be enough time for love to develop. but seeing how the writer is taking the time to make it happen, i have a feeling that our romance will be unlike other drama/love story. the writer is more focused on the game of winning and loosing and family. but we'll see. after all they promised us viewers a "falling in love" between SY and TJ in the synopsis they released.:)