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Sunday, February 9, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Inspiring Generation Review - Love, Loyalty and Camaraderie Are Amazing While Betrayal Is For Survival

Here's my random thoughts on Inspiring Generation episodes 7 and 8.

Do Ggoo back stabbing Jung Tae and making him a bait when Sinichi asked him to bring Jung Tae to him. I say backstabbing because although they are not on the same gang, still, they have this understanding if not friends but not totally as enemies. I think they became civil towards each other when Do Ggoo helped Chung Ah before. Jung Tae was beaten to death [well almost] by a group of men from Pyongyang. But he made it alive and with body full of pains he struggled to waiting Ok Ryeon.

What I like about his relationship with Ok Ryeon is that even though he always make her wait, she waited, understood and forgive him. She is like his haven every time he needs one, after every fight. There was a scene when Ok Ryeon was trying to treat his wounds she was emotional because of his bruised state and kissed him on his cheeks. Before she did that, Jung Tae holds her hands conveying his feelings of gratitude and love [whatever level it is] to her. He initiated the lip kiss between them, holding her waist and deepening the kiss.

I have discussed and shared this thoughts in a thread about the kiss scene when after awhile, Jung Tae mumbled Gaya's name. 

Anyway,everyone thought that JT in his state of unconsciousness said Gaya's name and how sorry he was, the one that made OR hurt and concluded he was thinking of Gaya because he loves her just right after kissing OR.

The scene was for me can be interpreted this way. Just as OR thought Gaya had to do with JT in that bruised form that's why she went to Gaya to confirm it and found out she had nothing to do with it, I think JT also thought that maybe Gaya was involved, that's why he kept saying "i'm sorry" pertaining to the death of her father and pointing to his father as the culprit. 

It's not like he really betrayed OR in that scene, it was just he was too guilty and that guilt became a burden to him all these years and subconsciously. It is just there in the back of his mind, always reminding him he has a debt to Gaya and he owed her. When OR went to Gaya, it's not about JT loving Gaya more than her but of how Gaya is hurting JT with the burden of guilt she inflicted on him. 

OR cared too much for JT that's why she left these interesting words to Gaya.


I think her words were just to warn Gaya out of love for JT. He has enough burden/problems/scars that he need not more coming from Gaya. She knew Gaya captured JT's heart somehow and whatever revenge she has for him will make big scars out of all the scars already in JT's heart. I love OR for her sensibilities as a woman. She was not confronting Gaya just because she was jealous of her place in JT's heart but because she knew of the consequences of the debt between JT and Gaya will hurt JT more. She loves him unconditionally, pure and unselfish.

I love Poong Cha as Jung Tae's hyung. He does care for him and will fight for him.

Bol Goom was surprised by the suspicion against him. But then, even though he did not have anything to do with JT, his pride would not let him back out from a fight, even if it means he will be beaten up by Poong Cha. Do Ggoo was among the onlookers and knew that he was in trouble. Right after the fight, Bol Goom found him and hit him. He dragged him in front of Poong Cha and Bong Sik with Jung Tae and make him bow his head and confess. But Jung Tae told them he knew there was someone behind Do Ggoo. 

Jung Tae let Do Ggoo off the hook. He knew who it was. 

Another good scene in episode 7 was when Ok Ryeon's mother talked with Jung Tae. I love the conversation. She knew how it was to wait and get old waiting in vain and always in fear that something happened to the man she loves. She doesn't want Ok Ryeon to be like her, seeing her wait every day for Jung Tae.

I am intrigued between Sinichi and Aoki's exchanged of words. Seems like Aoki looked down on Sinichi as mere bodyguard of Gaya and challenging him not doing a great job protecting Gaya. I think Aoki having gained power in the government as police officer and as Ill Gook Hwae, he is very intimidating and ambitious at the same time. A man who knew what he wants, what must be done to conquer Shin Euijoo.

Okay, epic laugh of the episode was the scene where Kab Sae, Jung Tae and Jang Ddol were talking about the bottle of colored liquid. I found it funny that they were too naive about the existence of cola that time. They thought it was not something to drink and that could harm but then Poong Cha appeared and let them see what it was and drink. 

Because Ill Gook Hwae wanted to run Shin Euijoo, they were stopping smugglers, rounding up, to control the capital. Gaya talked with Bong Sik that Dobi will only be safe if they work under Ill Gook Hwae.

Betraying someone close to him... I'l add that Do Ggoo and Bool Gom relationship is something that was nurtured through the years. Still, Do Ggoo chose to live and survive than die by Sinichi's hands. Bol Goom knew that Do Ggoo will betray him.  He knew Do Ggoo will kill him but he let him, maybe to pay for his debt when he killed his father. He also loved and protect Do Ggoo in his own way.

Last part of episode 7 was Jung Tae and Sinichi in agreement to fight to end everything in front of Gaya. I really wonder what Sinichi feels for Gaya and why he wants Jung Tae dead. 


Every episode are all worth watching but I'l say that episode 8 is one of the best episodes. I am loving all the scenes here. The loyalty between these people are awesome, they would die for each other just to show their love.

Jung Tae and Ok Ryeon's date made the episode bright. They enjoyed each other's company, Jung Tae making it up to Ok Ryeon before embarking on his mission of facing Sinichi.

He trained under Choi Soori on how to use and fight against the sword. Then he went to his mother's grave and left the letter Chung A wrote. The scene was simple but I can feel Jung Tae's sorrow.

Sad part was when a dear hyung had to die to show his love for Jung Tae. Dobi has been Jung Tae's family for a long time and even though they were smugglers, they bond as brothers. Bong Sik as the leader showed his affection to Jung Tae just as Poong Cha became a caring hyung. When Jung Tae went to Ill Gook Hwae to confront Sinichi, only Gang Gae showed smirk, and he was always been antagonistic towards Jung Tae. Kab Sae could not hold his mouth and told their hyung about Jung Tae in Ill Gook Hwae facing Sinichi.. Bong Sik was silent and told the rest to go outside. He had made a decision. He called Mo Il Hwa. He walked alone, perhaps going to rescue Jung Tae. But Poong Cha would not have him do it alone. The scene that was so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

 I was sad when Poong Cha died but then it was anticipated already when he showed up at Ill Gook Hwae. The scene when he was trying to wake up JT even when he himself could not move from his own pain was so beautiful. The way he loved JT as a brother was so touching, giving his last breath for this man. I was not sure what he did to Bong Sik but I hoped that he only put him to sleep.. or did he kill him? Whatever he did, it was an act of love for the leader of Dobi gang, He cared deeply. He wanted to be the one to show up before Sinichi in place of Bong Sik. Seriously, this brotherhood is so amazing. 

 The drama is showing great relationship and deep loyalty and love from characters that common people will call dirt of the society. The lowest kind of people who lives a dangerous lives, yet they knew what real camaraderie means. 

I like how the assassin Choi Soo Ri and Bong Sik respect each other as fellow Koreans and that they knew though they are living different kinds of life, different agenda, they are still one and that they belong to the oppressed and Japanese is their common enemy. I love the fight between Choi Soo Ri and Aoki in the last part of the episode. It was like I was watching a movie. 

When Jung Tae confessed his feelings about Gaya to Sinichi, it is clear he likes her, but at the same time, why do I read his feelings as that of a friend who wants to rescue a friend and just make her happy/laugh, lead a different path. He thinks of Gaya more because he knows the path she chose for herself is not the life that she should be living and that the end could only be destruction. 

The best ending of the episode is the epic fight between Mo Il Hwa and Gaya. I think I like for Gaya to be defeated just once in this fight and Mo Il Hwa win. The skills and execution of his fights are really great! Very detailed.

I can't praise enough the drama. I am hooked! Loving all the characters, villains and not! I can't hate even if I want to.

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