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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thank You

How time flies. It's already December and a couple of weeks more it will be a new year. Holidays are fast approaching. Family gatherings are always anticipated to celebrate the festive ambiance year ends bring.

To all Korean Drama lovers like mslee, who are taking time to visit this page, Kamsahamnida!. Thank you for keeping this blog in your list or sites to visit. We share common interest and that is K-drama and K-pop. For the past days, I am so late in updating this blog of currently airing dramas I watched and share screen caps or thoughts. But slowly I will catch up and still post reviews of some dramas I started writing. There are one or two that I dropped for the time being but hopefully I will find the time to watch them again and still write my impressions about them. There are also some new dramas that are interesting.

Shipping for the nth time!
...and I thought I won't start again since I have shipped 4 couples already.:))

For quite sometime now, I have stopped shipping couples, either from dramas or from reality shows. But recently I just can not help myself from shipping this couple from We Got Married. I had a wonderful time marathon watching the start of meeting between Hong Jong Hyun [actor/model] and Yura [Girls' Day] and their chemistry and adorable scenes together got mslee's undivided attention for the next few days, resulting to putting aside k-dramas. I guess I have to write about this couple soon and share my thoughts about them here. 

So, yes, blame it on JjongAh couple! [laughs] Anyway, shipping does that to me and sometimes it's fun to be insane over two individuals who have a lot of chemistry between them. It brings happiness and a lot of smiles. I really wonder how I got to be fixated with K-dramas and K-pop. 

Hmmm...I should be writing more about dramas like The Greatest Marriage, The Legendary Witch, Misaeng and some more like Pinocchio which is getting better and better each week, just as The King's Face where Seo In Guk has been consistently showing his great acting, but here I am, mslee is wasting time sharing my thoughts on why I have not been updating recently or late in posting, rather.

Sometimes words escape me that it feels like when I write just so not to be  late in updating, I somehow feel I am not really conveying my thoughts through my post. So this past few days I am in need of inspiration to get me back on track. I know this is like a personal blog about my interest but I am really grateful for the visitors and some who leave comments, they are all appreciated. 

So, will just say that please continue to support my blog and hope that our interests will always be the same, particularly the type of dramas and music that I like. 

For local channels, Faith and Empress Ki are both currently airing via ABS-CBN and GMA 7. I have watched both and I can honestly recommend these two dramas. One is fantasy/saeguk/action/romance drama while the other is saeguk/historical/action/romance drama.

For those who are missing Prime Minister and I, it will premiere on the 15th this month via GMA 7.

Oh, and before I wrap up this post, because I decided to follow Hong Jong Hyun's career, I looked for his old drama and found one that is very good and compelling. Jungle Fish 2 was aired in 2011 with only 8 episodes but it is so worthwhile to watch, Finished it yesterday already and I have to say that one of the best written dramas for youngsters. So, if you have not yet seen it, please take a peek and you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy the coming holidays with family and love ones. Cheering for a happy atmosphere onwards. And happy watching K-dramas this holidays!

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