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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Producer Episode 11 GIF Review

Sorry, this is really late post. I am being lazy sharing updated posts lately. But I did finish the drama already and over all impression, it was satisfying, particularly for me because I love the way it ended.

For this episode a quick recap and some thoughts.

Well, I have been vocal about which OTP I love and even if I like Kim Soo Hyun aka Baek Seung Chan in this story, sorry but I was not moved by his confession of love to Ye Jin sunbaenim [for him]. I think the story calls for the scene, but I did not get or feel the butterflies that kisses usually do to me. I guess I felt that he was being too forward. But then, he had to now that he felt that the friendship between Ye Jin and Joon Mo is strong as ever. I think he wanted Ye Jin to notice him and to give his version of romance a chance. To take on new relationships rather than sticking it out with the old romantic feelings.

I was glad that Ye Jin was not even tempted or felt shaken but that kiss. She accepted it, surprised of course even tough she already heard the recorded confession from the bear stuff toy, still Seung Chan came a bit too strong for her. She made it clear that it is sunbae/hoobae for them only.

Ye Jin left with the moving truck the following day. She and Joon Mo said their goodbyes. There was a feeling of sadness but more than that, it only sealed their friendship. Distance would not be an issue between them when they are still colleagues in the same company. 

But Seung Chan felt like it was the end for him and Ye Jin when he ran but missed her. Joon Mo looked at him and although he wanted to say more, he let it passed. He understood well what Seung Chan feels.

I hope Seung Chan will notice Cindy and give her a chance to be close to him. Cindy has been the ne doing the efforts f contacting him just to be with him. Seung Chan never even guessed why, again being clueless.

The relationship between Cindy and CEO Byun is getting sour. She was having an interview when the reporter asked her about her parents. 

That was a secret that has gone too long. CEO Byun made her say in the past that her parents are living abroad when they were already dead. Now, even if she wanted to clear that wrong impression due to her past interview she could not. CEO Byun manipulates the media. I felt so sorry for Cindy. That was pretty cruel of CEO Byun. But then the media had gotten wind of the truth. Made Cindy looked like a liar which caused the antis and the netizens to attack her and her credibility. 

Joon Mo is the only one wanting to stay beside her when the higher ups in the company wants her out of the program already.

 Even Ye Jin and Seung Chan felt sorry and sad for Cindy. In the end Joon Mo insisted that he do his job with Cindy still in the program and whatever the result of that decision, he will accept. At least he tried. It has been his guilty feelings from previous same incident that made him took courage now.

I find it amusing that Ye Jin and her hoobae who always took her for granted even though she is the PD had time for a quick snack and talk about romance. Ye Jin received an advise that she needed in order to choose between old and new romance.

Two men in Ye Jin's life, doing foolish things just so they could stay by her side.

Who will she say her goodbyes to?

 She has to say goodbye to the one she feels more sorry to.

I am glad that Ye Jin put an end to Seung Chan's hope. Even if he wanted to hold on to her, to ask her more time, even if it was painful, Ye Jin told him "sorry".

The ending of the episode made me teary eyed. Well, I always find myself crying silently every now and then unexpectedly at some scenes from this drama. The whole staff and crew of 1N2D are inside Cindy's room and woke her up to her surprise.

There they were, filming her, telling her that they were all behind her. To make it short, they got her back!

One more episode to post, hope readers of my thoughts regarding this drama are still here. 

Komowo for visiting. Final thoughts, hopefully soon.


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