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Monday, August 17, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 14 Highlights

Some highlights in the episode...

The episode started to move up a little bit this time. With Ha Na finally breaking up with Cha Seo Hoo, she had pondered on her decisions. Her parents might be glad she did it but they were also concerned on the effect it might have on her, for the second time. They cautioned her to think before doing anything again in the future regarding going into a relationship.

Won eventually found out about it. But of course, he has to give her space to collect her thoughts, her feelings and to finally move forward. Their friendship once again picked up from where they used to be. The awkwardness was gone.

I like the sweet moments between Won and Ha Na in this episode. It was as if Cha Seo Hoo never returned and came between them. It was good that finally Ha Na remembered her old feelings for Won and now is considering it. Cha Seo Hoo was still hoping for a change of mind and heart from Ha Na but she clearly let go of him. He left. 

She was offered an overseas job temporarily by the company, someone to represent them. She was excited and told it to Won. He is not holding her back from leaving. Actually, he did what he have to do to make their relationship work. He let himself be assigned in Paris. But then Ha Na discover her appointment was a negotiations done by Cha Seo Hoo. It was not what she wanted. She wanted to make it on her own. She declined the opportunity.

At the airport, she was hurrying to catch Won before his flight. 

And that was when the kiss between them happened. A realization that they are now entering the next stage of their relationship. More than friends.:))

Actually this is my awaited scene and it finally happened!
This has been a long journey, for Won and for me..hahahaha.

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