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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

[gif] Scholar Who Walks The Night Episode 16 Highlights

Wish I started posting reviews about this drama but since I am enjoying it too much and I have become lazy lately writing all I can do is make some gif whenever I feel like. So here is another batch of gif from episode 16. I have been posting randomly about this drama series.

So far, the series has kept me interested with the plot and the progress of the story. The love story between Yang Sun and Sung Yeol is still not clear up to this moment. Well, since one is a vampire and the other is human, yes there is conflict and tragedy seems inevitable in the end but here's hoping not.
And of course, Gwii is the most interesting character in the story. How he will face death is still something to look forward to. But of course, a great battle should be ahead before that happened, if my opinion matters, writernim?


gif by mslee1107

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