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Saturday, February 6, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Six Flying Dragons - Lee Bang Won

I was on hiatus for over a month and was contemplating on how to update my thoughts about the drama Six Flying Dragons. I was so behind in posting reviews that I could not decide where to start my review. But since there was a lot that happened already and the drama continues to unfold captivating twists, I think I might not be able to resume where I left off. To continue sharing my thoughts I will focus on the character that has been captivating my interest since episode 1.

Thoughts on LEE BANG WON ...

Lee Bang Won is a character that I like because of his passion, conviction, principles and determination. Historically, [which honestly I don't have much knowledge about] Bang Won may not be the ideal leader in comparison to Sambong Jeong Do Jeon who I think had been acknowledged as one of the greatest political strategist and adviser, still in the drama, how Bang Won was being depicted was someone I could really root for to be a better leader.

Since episode 1, Bang Won in his younger years had been exposed to poverty and injustices of nobles to poor or of common blood in the society. His education started when he was entangled with the fate of Boon Yi and Ddang Sae while searching for their lost mother. Since then, he became determined to defeat evil acts against society which during that time Lee In Gyum was the totality of that representation. How powerful politicians abused their position to gain more power and money through blood and sweat of the poor people made Bang Won look for something or someone to share his convictions. That's when fate between him and Sambong intertwined.

Sambong had the intelligence and best plan to change the world but Bang Won was different from him even if he shared Sambong's dreams. Bang Won's intense hate towards gaining power and using that power to oppress people was not only in his thoughts but if necessary, his impulsiveness would really result to even killing if that was what the situation called for. Bang Won was someone that showed strong character and he had amazing instincts which was often correct. This only showed that he was also intelligent and had great judgement which turned out useful in times of pressured moments.

From Lee In Gyum to Hong In Bang, Bang Won had won over these two detestable characters. Their schemes against him were not really successful because Bang Won could easily see through them and what plans would they hatched. Even marrying Min Da Kyung was his brilliant plan. Young as he was supposed to be during those times, his capacity to out maneuver his enemies was truly awesome. I think the drama has shown that everything that happened, Bang Won was as involved as Sambong was every step of the way towards their goal. What separates him from Sambong was the latter's maturity in taking into consideration future results rather than Bang Won's impulsive decisions at present times which I think was really what mattered when in a tight situation. It was a fact that Sambong still impresses Bang Won even if in the latest episodes reveal that his plans is getting more personal and learning he would not be a part of Sambong's agenda for a new regime made him realize that sooner he might be walking a different path from Sambong.

I can't blame Bang Won. He was not a follower. He could lead and make decisions without really bothering to consult elders. He decides in the moment. But he was bothered by what both Sambong and Hong In Bang told him about his growing "greed" inside him which could lead him to be exactly like people he detests. That fear of realizing he might be like them, or being alone in his endeavor was something that continue to burden him deep inside. Romantically, it was somehow good that the drama showed Bang Won getting his strength from Boon Yi after hearing that she would always be by his side no matter what he decides. Of course, even his wife gave her support even if he didn't asked for it was something that gave him a push to do what he had to do.

It was not surprising if Bang Won would resort to killing Po Eun Jung Mong Joo. The events following Po Eun's betrayal of Sambong and the rest, even to the point of plotting to kill Lee Seung Gye was enough to convince me that killing Po Eun was the natural thing to do. If not, more people in Bang Won's life would have died. And this was what I could not understand in the story. Yes, killing should not be the only way. But then this was a political war and the events called for it. I can relate and understand the point of view of Bang Won's father being a patient man, but then, from the start, he lacks the strong conviction of really wanting to lead the people to a new world. Between Lee Seung Gye and Bang Won, the son wanted badly to achieve their goals since it was what keeps the fire inside him burning for the poor people he met and continue to meet while seeing their hopes in their tired eyes.

Historically, Sambong and Bang Won would be enemies. [I hope I got it correct when I skimmed through wikipedia]. And it is starting to show in the last episode that was aired. Telling Bang Won in his face that he will not be a part of the greater goal, Sambong did hurt and somehow betrayed Bang Won. For me, it was as if Sambong did not acknowledged all the good results of Bang Won's inputs in the group. Perhaps because he knew Bang Won would be the kind of leader [if he became one] or politician that would go for what he believes in no matter the consequences of his actions. While Sambong represents patience, Bang Won acts according to his instincts rashly.

But then, for me Bang Won had been portrayed in the drama as someone who was walking towards making people smile. His heart was for the people. His heart was never for the nobles. Bang Won understand what the people needs. It was as simple as having food and being happy. For him, these things are what really matter.

Bang Won has a ruthless side to him because he is not afraid to fight for what he believes in. Of course, that ruthlessness could become his downfall which would result to make him covet power to achieve his goals.

As for the latest episode, I am looking forward to more of Bang Won's thoughts and personal plans. I think the drama is centered on him. I think I could understand why his father did not make him the crown prince. Killing Po Eun already made Lee Seung Gye feared his son's capability. He and Bang Won apparently differ even if the story suggest and showed how Bang Won loved his father and tried his best to protect him. As a father, he failed to see beyond Bang Won's heart which resulted to killing Po Eun. And I as a viewer with regards to the interpretation of this story felt sad for Bang Won. For no one seems to understand his heart.

Anticipating more twists and turns in the drama.


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