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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] (movie) Remember You screen caps

Finally, I was able to watch this amazing drama Remember You.

A very heartfelt love story that reminded me of my favorite Hollywood movies like The Notebook, The Vow and the adding to the list, Fifty First Date, combined.

A man who loses his last ten years of memory after a car accident which left him hospitalized for 10 months. The movie started with him going to the police filing for a missing person...and he told them it was him, Kim Jin Young. Then he narrated what he could remember and what he could not. Then it all flashed back from where it should have started. Well as far as he seemed to be concerned. 

It was a story that can break your heart as it unfolds. Both Jung Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul have amazing chemistry and so beautiful to look at together on screen. As veteran actors, they portrayed a very convincing role as a couple, one searching for the lost memory and the other trying to hide the truth.

I like Ha Neul's acting, so different from her roles in A Gentleman's Dignity and Only You which she stared in, in the small screens which made me a fan. With Jung Woo Sung, well I had watched some of his movies and dramas in tv and I say that he is one versatile actor. His vulnerable role as Yeon Suk Hyun captivates me and made his journey at finding the truth a mystery for a viewer like me.

The story is about a love that has no bounds. A drama that will teach viewers how to love selflessly. I won't write spoilers for those who has not watched the movie. It is better to raise some more curiosity to fill that same feelings I felt when I watched this drama.

Remember You is one melodrama that is worth watching and adding to favorite lists of K-drama/movie.


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