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Monday, May 13, 2013

Song Seung Hun Apologizes for Hitting Shin Se Kyung in the Face

cre: enewsworld

Feeling terrible for causing an accident, Song Seung Hun apologized for hitting Shin Se Kyung while filming MBC’s When a Man Loves.

On May 9, Song Seung Hun and Shin Se Kyung were filming for When a Man Loves, when Song Seung Hun swung a stick and hit Shin Se Kyung’s face, making her face bruise near her eye area. Shin Se Kyung was taken to the hospital immediately and received treatment. 

Feeling terrible for hurting an actress’ face, Song Seung Hun tweeted on May 11, “I hope you recover quickly.. TT TT I’m so, so sorry…TT TT”

But Shin Se Kyung, who returned to filming following the hospital treatment, tweeted back to Song Seung Hun, “Oppa I’m really strong! Don’t worry~ Haha.”

Photo Credit: Song Seung Hun’s Twitter

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