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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Master's Sun Episode 1 - First Look..my thoughts

This drama is not on my list to watch. The truth is I already have my quota for this month's dramas that are currently airing. But last night I can't help myself take a look at Gong Hyo Jin's new drama Master's Sun. I liked her during Greatest Love and I know with her in a drama, it will be a funny one.

She sure has a way of charming viewers like me. On the first scene of the drama, she looked like a crazy woman, hair all over the place as they say, minimum make up if there was ever, and her eyes had dark circles around them. She was quite a sight. Still I applaud her timing for giving a nice comedic input in a scary situation. Chincha! I was on the point of not watching because of frightening faces that always suddenly appears but reminding myself it is a rom/com so I endured. 

The story is interesting, funny and scary all at the same time. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin have a great on screen chemistry. I love every scene they had. She was funny and looking lunatic beside his dignified and wealthy aura, yet they jive. Their presence makes the story cute.

Tae Gong Sil [GHJ] is a woman who has the ability to see ghost/dead people walking restless. Mostly, they have unfinished business towards their family or loved ones and ask help. While Joo Joong Won [SJS] is a hotelier. They met on a rainy night after JJW pressured a man to let his property sold to him even if the man said that his wife doesn't want to. Because the wife is already dead, JJW mocked the man and in his own way, got him to sign the contract. On his way home together with his driver Kim Gwi Do [Choi Jung Woo] they met Tae Gong Sil on the highway, but they drove passed her.  She screamed,  because she saw a ghost in front of the car made them stopped, and TGS assuming that they did that to let her ride with them. Without asking she just opened the car door and slid inside, beside JJW. 

The funny part of the drama is that whenever she was being chased or annoyed by the ghosts, if she happened to stand beside JJW, they all disappear. So she felt safe and can breath easily when he is near her, which irritates the hell out of JJW. He saw her as a mental case. 

At least two cases were solved in this episode, the grandmother's money was delivered to the family, and the  first bride of the soccer player who he did not know died, TGS let him know and at last his heart was at peace.

The ending scene was also a funny one, with TGS so sleepy, but as always ghost bothered her. It was when JJW seek her and ask her if she saw anyone besides them. He was asking because he, too, had a past, a girlfriend who died in a car explosion. TGS was so sleepy she finally succumbed to it and let herself go limp in JJW arms.

The scene was so cute and it brought a smile in me. Definitely, will watch the next episode tonight.


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