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Thursday, August 15, 2013

[Minho&Sulli] Why Do I Love MinSul - TTBY 1st Year Anniversary

my contribution as a MinSul shipper.



  1. Sunbae... Im sad...is this really true ...

  2. calm down, hoobae. :)

    after watching the said video, two things pop to mind.
    1. it's broad daylight, why the heck they are walking in the streets without cover on their faces when both are popular.
    2. is it a bit orchestrated, the timing, the walk, where are their noonas, coordi,or even handler. I don't think they will allow their artist to just wander with a possible scandal topping any kind of chart.

    it looks like something is amiss with the said video. the streets are empty even the stalkers are missing.
    if it is indeed a day out, a date, then they are both stupid to be revealing their whereabouts, faces and even holding hands in public which is unlike a true celebrity. paparazzi or dispatch is always on call, do you think they don't know it? well...i think there is an explanation behind this. and hey, friends can hold hands, you know.

    cool it, hoobae, it might be something more but not what we think.

  3. dear Sunbae, i am playing IU's Loving You while writing this comment .

    Sunbae, I went to a series of couple FMV's last night... sharing a bit with you here, if you dont mind.
    Watched the episode of Victoria surprising Nichkhun on his comeback with the help of our Minho<3... I still cherish Khuntoria, even knowing that they are not a couple ( watched the whole series about early last year even after knowing that they didnt ended up together) to the point that from time to time I still watched clips of them. I watched short clips or fmvs of them almost on a.. weekly or 2 weekly basis. When I ponder why, I said to myself its because both of them brought happiness, warmth, and hilariousness to me even on my gloomiest day.
    Also watched Choi Hankyul & Go EunChan adorklably lovely and hilarious moments.

    So Ive decided Sunbae, Im gonna reformat my brain, and redefine "Minsullian" for me. I have to redefine it cause I cant .. say change it to TaeJae..ian (supposedly from Kang Tae Joon Go Jae Hee) right ?
    So Min here stands as KTJ and Sul is GJH. *Im slapping my head at the moment Sunbae ! :DD)
    It may take time, dont know how long for the reformating to take place, but I hope the second it is complete, I will always cherish Minsul in my heart, the Minsul that have bring so much joy, and warmth and happiness in my life. TTBY will always have a special place in my heart. All the lovely real life Minsul Moments will also be cherished.

    Our beautiful Sulli will always have a special place in my heart too. Fx Fighting !

    stopping here Sunbae.... oh and call me Mio if you want... cause usually me as hoobae call you Sunbae.. but the sunbaes usually call hoobaes by their name right hehehe...


  4. just dropping by to say : Happy Holidays (again) Sunbae :DD
    take extra care of your health if youre travelling OK ! :D

    ps : my so called reformatting is jeongmal jeongmal going nowhere, Im even daily visiting and pushing buttons at Minsul part 2 soompi..... otokeeeeeeeee Sunbaeeeee ..... :DDD

  5. :)) hahahaha...shipping takes a lot of Patience! A LOT!!!! sometimes the faith will last fro years. so...just enjoy, visit old videos and sightings, the only consolation is that they are both SM artist and has every chance to meet. if it's first love, then it counts for a huge possibilities, young love are often impatient. let's just hope their phone bills are topping their monthly expenses!:))

    have a happy new year ahead!