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Friday, October 4, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Secret Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 showed each character flaws in the story. While Yoo Jung took the blame of the hit and run accident, her flaw was wanting to protect the man she loves, Ahn Do Hoon. Yes for me it is a flaw of her character. For fear of loosing him, for all his struggles to become what he is now, that, she wants to protects. She did not even distinguish right from wrong. She made Do Hoon more weaker as a male and a human being. Yoo Jung gave Do Hoon reasons to be  what he is after the accident.

Ahn Do Hoon doesn't have any options but to make Yoo Jung confess to the crime. His flaw was not telling the truth about the accident. The moment he turned his back from the lying body of Ji Hee, he committed an unforgivable sin already. Maybe he did not know they hit her, but leaving JH on that rainy night, helpless, still alive will always haunt him. His quick decision for his own safety came first. For this, he is such a coward.

Jo Min Hyuk on the other end,  is the typical rich boy who thinks the world revolves around his little fingers. His flaw is his cowardice to stand up for Ji Hee who he says he loves. He never really showed her he loves her. The flashback scene where he tried to buy her jewelry is proof that he is so shallow as a person compensating love with material things. And when his step mom saw them and told him to let her go if he can't protect her, he let her go, just like that. From that moment, I think personally, he killed her. The secretary of his father is right in telling him he killed Ji Hee. Maybe not physically, but emotionally. He was so guilty the only thing he can do is vent out his anger and frustrations on Yoo Jung who he thought caused the hit and run. His own guilt he can't take alone he wants someone to suffer for it to continue living.

Not knowing the truth, he thought he is being right all along. Jo Min Hyuk is one coward rich brat who could not live without his father's money until the end. He chose to come back and play with Shin Se Yeon's feelings. He proposed in his own way, not caring for Se Yeon or what she wants. This is then her flaw, her hidden love for her long time friend. Maybe she would let him use her to stand again while suffering inside.

I like to think that although both Do Hoon and Min hyuk are cowards, I think I will prefer Do Hoon for now. He knows what he has done for Yoo Jung. He knows what he is and suffering his guilt every second. he is not blaming anyone, but himself for his decisions. And I think if he can, he will forever make amends towards Yoo Jung. 

While Min Hyuk, though he promised no to love any other woman, I think he only matured after he lost Ji Hee. The accident had to happen in order for him to get his life straightened and to realize what JH means to him, although too late

Episode 3 was heartbreaking for those who was and will be left behind. Min Hyuk gave money to JH mom thinking it would be enough to ease her pain of loosing JH. Or was it his own pain he is trying to ease? Yoo Jung's father was devastated learning the involvement of her daughter to the accident. His way of settling yet again with money was too naive of him. Of course, I do understand him  believing YJ wouldn't be able to do that kind of thing to another soul. But he had to know the real facts or truths behind it. Ji Hee mom of course won't accept the money offered. Too painful to settle.

Min Hyuk is very clever in not revealing he knew of Do Hoon's association to Yoo Jung. He is playing with him and his emotions. Trying to see if another man like him is capable of abandoning a girlfriend. While Do Hoon's ignorance or maybe fear of being caught do the right thing in everyone's eyes even MH.

Yoo Jung was sentenced to 5 years in prison and while in there, without knowledge, she was pregnant already. The interesting part, Min Hyuk came to know of that fact and seems eager to know what will happen next. 

To make others miserable like he is, i guess he will do something that will make another turn in the story. How far will Min Hyuk go for his revenge? How long will Do Hoon stay besides Yoo Jung? A baby will be caught in the middle and no knows what circumstances will lead all four characters into one another's path in the future as wrongful revenge happens.

mslee1107 writing her thoughts

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