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Friday, October 4, 2013

T.O.P, Taecyeon, Han Hyo Joo, Goo Hye Sun and More for the 18th BIFF Opening Ceremony

cre: soompi.com

[Gallery] T.O.P, Taecyeon, Han Hyo Joo, Goo Hye Sun and More for the 18th BIFF Opening Ceremony

Fall is officially here and this can only mean one thing: the Busan International Film Festival!
On October 3, the opening ceremony for the 18th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) was held where a plethora of radiating movie stars stepped on the red carpet.
The BIFF is one of Asia’s most significant film festivals but it is also infamous for producing many headlines for actress’ daring and provocative fashion. This year’s attention-grabbing, skin-showing red carpet arrival goes to two actresses:Han Soo Ah and Kang Ha Na.

Stars that attended the opening ceremony of the 18th BIFF include Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Ock Taecyeon, Lee Yeon Hee, Hello Venus, Kim Hyung Jun (SS501), Ha Ji Won, Goo Hye Sun, Odagiri Joe, Yoo Ah In, Yoo In Na, Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Soo Hyuk, Uhm Tae Woong, Han Hyo Joo, Hong Soo Ah, Kim Sun Ah and many more.

18th BIFF_top final
18th BIFF_taecyeon_lee yeon hee
Taecyeon and Lee Yeon hee
18th BIFF_goo hye sun
Goo Hye Sun
18th BIFF_hello venus
Hello Venus
18th BIFF_han hyo joo
Han Hyo Joo
18th BIFF_yoo ah in 2
Yoo Ah In
18th BIFF_yoo in na
Yoo In Na
18th BIFF_lee joon
Lee Joon
18th BIFF_lee so yeon_yoon han
Lee Se Yeon and Yoon Han
18th BIFF_kang ha na final
Kang Ha Na

18th BIFF_lee hyun woo
Lee Hyun Wo

18th BIFF_han so ah final
Han So Ah
18th BIFF_chun jung myung
Chun Jung Myung
18th BIFF_go ara
Go Ara
18th BIFF_ so yoo jin
So Yoo Jin
18th BIFF_ha ji won
Ha Ji Won
18th BIFF_hong soo ah
Hong Soo Ah
18th BIFF_kim hyung jun
Kim Hyung Jun
18th BIFF_kim so yeon
Kim So Yeon
18th BIFF_kim min jong
Kim Min Jong
18th BIFF_kim sun ah
Kim Sun Ah
18th BIFF_kim yoon hye final
Kim Yoon Hye
18th BIFF_lee soo hyuk
Lee Soo Hyuk
18th BIFF_nam gyu ri
Nam Gyu Ri
18th BIFF_jo yeo jung
Jo Yeo Jung
18th BIFF_hong suk chun
Hong Suk Chun
18th BIFF_hwang in young
Hwang In Young
18th BIFF_jeon hye bin
jeon Hye Bin
18th BIFF_kim hyo jin
Kim Hyo Jin
18th BIFF_park seo joon
Park Seo Joon
18th BIFF_so yi hyun
So Yi Hyun
18th BIFF_shin ji soo
Shin Ji Soo
18th BIFF_oh jung sae_jung yoon suk
Oh Jung Sae and Jung Yoon Suk
18th BIFF_shim yi young
Shim Yi Young
18th BIFF_odagiri joe
Odagiri Joe
18th BIFF_lee eun woo
Lee Eun woo
18th BIFF_kim min jung
Kim Min Jung
18th BIFF_kang ye bin
Kang Ye Won
18th BIFF_hwang woo seul ae
Hwang Woo Seul Hye
18th BIFF_kim sung eun
Kim Sung Eun

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