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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 13 Marry Him If You Dare - Short Recap and Review

Highlights of the episode...

Park Se Joo was officially introduced as the CEO of YBS. He met with his former team and they were of course surprised at this turn of events. Even Mi Rae was surprised. [just a little confused here coz I thought ahjumma already told her about SJ]

Kim Shin kept on ignoring Mi Rae and avoiding her if possible. The relationship between them became strained and uncomfortable to the extent that it affects MR emotionally. She just could not control her tears which were not missed by writer Bae.

See Joo went to see Seo Yoo Kyung in her humble home. I think she was at first embarrassed to be found out living that way but her bubbly personality did not take offense. They talked and she told him she has moved on about her feelings for him.

Kim Shin met with another company who was scouting him as their next anchor. The woman representing the company was the heiress and people around them who witnessed took photos of them misinterpreting them as a couple dating. The woman and the company made it appear as if they were really dating and published the photos online.

Of course, the rest of the workers at YBS saw the photos and came to their own wrong conclusion. Even MR saw that. It was what made her upset and hurting that even SJ supporting hands could not stop her tears. 

The episode also told of PD Na and ahjumma consulting the doctor about his condition which was unknown to MR. There was hope through surgery which made the two happy.

Yoo Kyung met ahjumma and told her that what she was doing was not making anyone happy except herself. On which she told her [and I agree and see the point] she would not make that kind of decision or try to change now, just to make her/ahjumma happy in the future and the rest in miserable state.

The awaited revelation of what really happened in the future was revealed to MR. She heard by accident the conversation between her oppa and ahjumma that Kim Shin died. Ahjumma had no other choice but to tell her all.

Well, mslee's one guess was right all along. It was KS who died in the future. By traffic accident. Because the situation was worst between the couple, even conversing was not transpiring. They began living as strangers in the same house. When the ahjumma felt she reached her limit [patience] she just ruthlessly advise him to die. On which KS who failed miserably perhaps agreed mockingly, sarcastically and hopelessly in the end.

I think at this point, MR was so shocked at what had happened between them that she blamed the ahjumma. Personally, as the viewer, I, too, think that telling that same thing to a man I used to love was really harsh. But of course, that was what they were, which was different to the persons in this present times.

The interesting part of the story was when ahjumma saw MR scar she has on her ankle which was supposed not to happen anymore as she was correcting MR present times. She realized nothing has changed even if she meddled. And she was confused. She seek the man in black who was always stalking her and asked what was wrong?

The special broadcast of the Pandora's Box was a success after MR with her quick mind and resourcefulness  made some adjustment when the audio connecting the studio and the field report got a problem. Together, KS and MR connected as writer and anchor and delivered the day's broadcast.

The ending was sad.

KS decided to leave YBS.

my thoughts..

Have always stated that I don't like the ahjumma's meddling and how it only created false hope and misery to all concerned, particularly KS and MR. The choices they make or made is what they are as a person and how they feel at that very moment. But revealing what happened in the future made these two took a back step and think. What could have been a spontaneous effort, happiness and living in that timeline began as living for what should be done to make a certain person find her happiness and justify her mistakes and correct them even if others will have to deal with the consequences.

For me this act is selfish.

I want to know what the writer has in store for me. In my pov,  we can only better ourselves but destiny is always there after the choices we make. So I am curious of what will happen to KS now that he defied or challenged his destiny by walking the same path he did in his future but thinking it has nothing to do anymore with MR because they already parted. The story is presenting how one's choice from the past will always be his/her choice if given the same opportunity or a second chance. Clearly, KS choose to work on the company he supposed to have chosen in his future even if he already knew what the outcome of that choice.

Well, I like YK more and more. Her personality is very positive and I don't see reasons why ahjumma was or did not like her.

More than correcting the future and stopping the bad things that happened, I think that returning from her past is more a learning experience for ahjumma.

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