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Sunday, November 17, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Heirs - The Chemistry Is Fascinating It's Hard to Choose

One of the reasons I waited for this drama, Heirs, was the leading man Lee Min Ho and his pairing to Park Shin Hye. I know that both will look good together on the screen and I was not disappointed. The longing looks, stares, hugs, surprise kisses and the emotional turmoils in their faces are all worth watching. I have watched Lee Min Ho in his previous dramas and his character here is very different. 

Chemistry Intrigues mslee!

The surprising thing for me was seeing Kim Woo Bin in his irritating manner of bullying people but as the episodes run, my annoyance towards him became fascination. His charisma is overwhelming as Young Do and even though he still acts childishly and arrogantly, his bullying towards Eun Sang in the last two episodes was alarmingly cute and charming. Maybe because his character as Young Do finally realized his growing feelings for her. And I do find his naughty stares and acts adorable and somewhat irresistible. He as Kim Woo Bin has formed an amazing chemistry with Park Shin Hye despite the presence of sweet Kim Tan played by Lee Min Ho. Young Do  brings another twist in Tan and Eun Sang romance. It's like Eun Sang has a choice between a gentle person who is Tan and a provocative Young Do on the other side.

I know Tan and Eun Sang bring a fresh yet delicate kind of love which makes their story beautiful.  But while watching Young Do tries hard to get Eun Sang's attention, he brings temptation across the screen which makes a viewer like me want to urge Eun Sang to test her true feelings and be seduced by Young Do's seductive charm.

I know, I know...my sudden taste for the adventure for this character Eun Sang may get irritating comments from Tan/Eun Sang shippers. It's just that the way the story goes, and how Eun Sang can't fight for her feelings towards Tan makes it easier for Young Do to steal the spot light from quiet Tan. Maybe the story needs to speed up the love lines between Tan and Eun Sang to stabilize their relationship and show how strong they are as a couple. Because if it continues to be wavering and undecided specially in Eun Sang's part, I as a viewer will find it hard to resist Young Do. 

I like how both man have difficult past to conquer. Each has their own fears and apprehensions about life as a son of a wealthy family. Both has something to deal with from their own respective family. Who will have the power to acknowledge their true identity and live positively though struggling from their painful past is definitely worth looking forward to. 

Another worth seeing in Heirs are the petty quarrels of Tan's mother and the second wife. It's kind of comedic for me to watch them talk back at each other fighting for small things but at the same time both are scared of Won's presence. Another cute off pairing here are Tan's mother and Eun Sang's mother. They have this love and hate relationship as employer/employee but always at the end they stick together.

Well of course the cute romance of bubbly yet bratty Bo Na and Chan Young who always indulges her and her whims. Their paring as a couple is so opposite from Tan and Eun Sang messed up relationship. Which makes me wonder what will happen to Won and Hyun Joo? I think both brothers will have to deal which is more important, love or wealth. 

The least character I favor as of now is Kim Ji Won as Yoo Rael aka Rachel. Her character hasn't developed. Still the same Rachel who clings to Tan as his fiancee but I am not really sure of how she truly feels inside. Where her heart belongs to? It needs to be laid out. At least Hyo Shin played by Kang Ha Neul has already shown how he feels for Hyun Joo. 

One of the great scenes in episode 12 was how Tan loves his mother. He is really sweet to her and he can tolerate her whining. But the teary part was when the second wife bullied her and threw water on her face. I felt Tan's caring and protection towards her.

The Heirs has a lot of side stories that helps the drama interesting. I just hope that in the end all problems in the story will be given justice. The pacing is speeding up  a bit. More intrigues and revelations to come up. I hope I will continue to be fascinated if not totally immersed in the drama. Or perhaps I need Kim Tan to be solid in his choices and decisions. 

for now this is mslee1107 writing

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