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Thursday, December 5, 2013

[mslee's Final Thoughts] MHIYD - Drawing My Own Conclusion

Okay, I am posting this even though I am not fully satisfied of the last two episodes. 
Random thoughts only. 

I haven't watched live stream for a long while now so I rely on the next day's subbed episode. Usually, I don't go to forums [soompi] before I watch the episodes if I did not watched it live. I was not really intending to peek on the final episode but spoilers were everywhere, in Facebook and in twitter. 

So mslee could not help it but go to the thread and saw posts of fellow soompiers reacting to the ending of the drama. Seemed to be an open ending, leaving the viewers to draw their own conclusion. Disappointments after disappointments I also became frustrated because I was hoping for a closure, hoping for a clear choice from Mi Rae, which was what the drama promised with its title.

Let me share my initial reaction after reading spoilers. Remember, I have not watched the last two episodes yet.

much disappointments regarding the open ending of MHIYD. I, too hasn't watched the last two episodes, but reading comments I feel cheated on having a clear choice in the end. the goal is to have/make a choice but if it leaves to the imaginations of the viewer then the whole point or plot of the story is useless. I for one needs a crystal choice, not assuming or even reading the secret message behind the ending. ahhh...writernim, now I am gathering enough energy to finish the last two episodes knowing the disappointment ahead. really hoping to see enough clues, understand the scenes to come up with a reasonable ending that my mind can accept. if it is SJ or KS or none.

One of the things I learned watching a time travel genre was that it makes my head aches as my brain tried to analyse and catch up to what is happening in relation to what they call parallel universe or alternative reality. In the drama, the moment the ahjumma walked back to her past, another future began to the characters involved. If I were to dig deeper, my brain would hurt. lol! Anyway, the way I understand it was until one changes his/her supposed choices in this present times, the future depends on that choices.

[Just remembered Nine: Travel Nine Times and what's the consequences in the future/present of every changes in choices done in the past]

Am I making sense? I hope I do and hoping I am right in my assumptions.

I'm going to randomly cite some scenes in the final episodes to make my thoughts coherent. When Kim Shin decided not to report the news about the malfunction of the product of the company which has an alliance to NTN and a big advertising agency for YBS, future Kim Shin appeared before him and told him about what happened to him all those years because he did not report it. Meaning that moment in KS present changed the future and made future KS had a different life without Mi Rae. But he is regretting.

At the same time, ahjumma had a temporary amnesia or what is called retrograde or selective amnesia. I believe it was the effect of ahjumma coming back to the past making KS alive in the future and of KS hesitating to do what future KS had done in his past regarding the report. But when KS finally report about it, ahjumma recovered and found out that her KS is alive and waiting. Although it has nothing to do anymore with the characters in the present, but somehow they are all link together still.

 Characters in the final episode.

1. Mi Rae

My complain was that she gave hope to Se Joo after only separating from Kim Shin. She was wavering but still she let them be a couple to the eyes of the people around. But when she met KS, it was evident she loves him still. The best decision she came up with was to let go of SJ, and follow her dream. 

2. Se Joo

Keep silent even though he knew how Mi Rae feels. As the director of YBS, he realized he is not right for the job if he wants to change everything and not be like his grandmother. He decided to study abroad to farther his knowledge. This is a surprise because when he talked to Yoo Kyung, he knew she will go study in the US. 

3. Yoo Kyung

The positive character in the drama who never let her heart ache douse her cheerful personality. A woman who can handle anything and intelligent enough to decide for herself. I think she doesn't fear anything because she is used to living a tough life. 

4. Kim Shin

In the end, he did what he had done in the future. The only difference is that now he knew the consequences and what he should do not to ruin himself. 

Final Thoughts

This is what I shared in soompi thread.  mslee is too lazy to write more.:))

just finished the drama. the only conclusion I arrived at in the end...she chose Kim Shin. Call it crazy but  I just based my conclusion on the hand that held MR wearing a pullover/sweatshirt... maybe i'm insane but i did review my screencaps to make a comparison and it was KS who was always wearing one. lol. anyway, i did think it was really KS in the end. MR narrated "the return of old friends who have left, and a call from a lover you've lost touch with..."

reading beyond this, i think she had always regarded SJ as a dear friend. while KS is a someone she loved whom from the last time they spoke decided to part ways...

[photo credit via soompi thread]

and this expression speaks for itself..i believe she was looking at the man she missed and still love. if she broke into a huge smile, then i would think she saw a friend. but her expression was surprised, contained, blushing and just excited.

well, i always hoped for KS/NMR... still wishing it showed a clear choice so there's closure.


I hope my ramblings made sense. 

I decided to add a few more thoughts about how I perceive the ending. Just posted at soompi my latest thoughts and will share here, too. This drama frustrates me somehow with it's ending and viewers still has differing opinions about it so I might  as well make my own opinion known.

my consolation in watching the drama. was knowing about LDG  

for what's it worth, for me, I watched it waiting for Kim Shin's scenes and how his character would develop. And I did see him progressing from a temperamental man to a quite subdued/moderate one and learning how to appreciate a colleague's work.Although I like how his character retained that strong personality and standing for his own belief. He didn't turned into a saint and I am not expecting that from him but at least he learned to think and observe what's happening around him before acting on his decisions. I think hating Kim Shin is as much fault as the writer herself for making him throw that water in MR face in the earlier episode. Maybe viewers could not forgive him for that. I think that incident was overdone. KS may have red hot temper but he is a professional and acting like that is way too low for a man like him. The writer has portray him like that so it's no wonder the viewers prefer someone like SJ who is sweet and charismatic.

i believe he is the leading man in the story, so I will also believe he ended up with his leading lady. and I think he deserve to have that happy ending when the story was focused on the messed up problems of the couple. I think in every story, there should be closure, righting what's wrong and it is KS as much as MR story. am i making sense? I don't think that MHIYD is the story of SJ and MR to begin with. 

thank you for reading.:))

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