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Sunday, December 1, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] MHIYD - Choices Become Your Destiny...Are Kim Shin and Mi Rae Moving Forward Apart?

Two more episodes and the drama will end. I know I am late, almost a week late in posting my thoughts about the last episode. Sometimes I just want to enjoy the drama and not think of anything after watching. But of course, when the urge to update this blog comes, I will surely share some thoughts. 

For starter, this was what I posted in my Facebook right after watching episode 14.

Just finished watching MHIYD ep 14. The last part was interesting because it revealed what happens if someone came back from the future. FMR aka the ahjumma need not meddled and gave unnecessary pains towards the couples involved coz the moment she stepped back from the future, it already messed up or changed their futures. And as I understand it, even if one makes the same choices, it no longer has any connections to the future the ahjumma just lived and left. 

This new information from the "man in black stalker from the future" is something that brings a new perspective in the drama. It was a valuable knowledge that FMR/ahjumma did not knew. She came wanting a new destiny, a new life and a new man in her life to change her future that she put all her effort in disrupting the events she knew would happen in Mi Rae's time. Not knowing the consequences of her returning, she put her younger self in so much pains just to achieve her purpose. 

Some says they understand the ahjumma. mslee here will stand by my views that for all it's worth, I can not understand her purpose even if it was a good intention because for me it only made me think of it as a selfish one. Disregarding the fact that the future already changed now that she is in MR's time, her regret stands out. Yes, regret. The only reason you would want to change everything in your life is because of regret. And it's sad feeling that way.

Episode 14 was about moving forward.

Kim Shin let go of YBS and Mi Rae. He left the company even though he is still not sure if he will accept the other offer from NTN. And even if he loves MR, he is willing to be apart from her to give her a better choice in life. 

MR should be moving forward also but here is Se Joo, taking the opportunity to push his way inside MR heart even in her sad state. He did not waste time but proposed to MR. I have always liked Se Joo. What's not to like? Charming, easy to talk to, attentive and of course, wealthy. But then, he was a bit insensitive when it comes to his own desires. All he thinks was what he wanted. He did not try to give MR the space she needed to cry, to heal and accept what happened with Kim Shin. SJ crowded MR in her most vulnerable moments, never letting her go but securing his place beside her. And I think MR became unsure of what she really feels. Out of kindness to this man who she thinks of as a friend, saying NO is not an option. Saying STOP and WAIT was lost in her troubled mind. She just let him be there by her side.

Many must think she was a fool or that she laid open the door for SJ so it is her fault as much as SJ. But the thing is, MR character is not the strong one. She started as a weak character who had no clue what she wants in life. Slowly she gained confidence when she worked at YBS. She further gathered strength when she realized her feelings towards Kim Shin, courageous enough to confess her feelings with him and talked to him about themselves. Even encouraging KS to be vocal about it.

But that courage soon left her after Kim Shin decided to break it off with her. As I saw it, she became the unsure MR once again. With SJ around, she hadn't the time to think for herself. As I said, she should have had that space she needed to analyse her options very well.

Is Mi Rae moving forward away from Shin and choosing Se Joo? With the proposal scene, I think in MR state of mind right now, I won't be surprised if she said YES in the next episode. It's like letting the tide go wherever it wants to go. I think she is like that after KS left. The drive to stand on her own and resign and start a new career elsewhere may be futile now. But I do hope her sense  of freedom and wanting to find her own self will come back again and she will wake up and follow her dreams. 

Choices becomes your destiny. But I have yet to hear or read a person's answer when asked if there's one thing he/she would changed if given the opportunity, say YES. Always, they say nothing and will still choose the same choices, walk the same paths even meet the same mistakes if only to learn from them.

Of course, MHIYD is a drama but I am curious as to what the writer intends to do in the end.  Will love prevail and win? Or changing the past is an option regardless of the happiness at stake here. I do believe FMR is finding happiness for both herself and KS. My question is, will she be happy knowing her heart belongs to KS but she choose SJ now? Or she opted for contentment?

I do hope the message of this drama is finding the happiness everyone craves for. Not settling for contentment when there is no reason not to have it.

Just my own thoughts here, love knows no reason. You can't explain it. You just feel it. So even if Kim Shin was someone who was rude or egoistic towards MR in the beginning of the drama, still, their heart found each other. Their heart beat for each other. That's what love is all about. No reason to explain why?

Maybe I am really a Shin/Rae shipper here. Maybe I knew what it's like to be in MR shoes. She loves him despite knowing what future lies ahead for them through ahjumma. 

I do hope the writer will tie all the loose knots in these last two episodes. There is still Yoo Kyung, who I also like very much. She is a refreshing sight whenever she is in the picture. Her positive outlook in life makes her an intelligent one and I want to see her happy or successful. She told SJ that she will stop her feelings for him. Not only wise but full of sense. She knows when to quit. And she is not a bad looser either. I wonder why SJ not noticed these good points of YK? She brings out the best in him. She gives advise that are worth pondering about. She can open his eyes on matters involving her kind of people and the struggles they are going through.

Anyway, will wait for the wrap up of this drama. For final thoughts, I will await the writer's ending. If there is something I will complain about, well, it's the pacing and how my OTP was not given sweet moments. Well...not loosing hope here. The preview in my own interpretation is good. Chances of a possible reconciliation is high, if I were to judge the bumping incident of MR and KS in tomorrow's episode.

mslee has finally shared her thoughts, albeit late. just her usual ramblings:))

Sorry, no caps. I know I should have made some but laziness is creeping once again. I just want to enjoy watching.

thanks for reading...

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