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Saturday, January 18, 2014

[Episode 9 & 10] Man From The Stars Review - It Started With A Kiss, Danger Follows

Episode 9 

It started with a kiss! 

The 15 seconds challenged of our vainly Song Yi to Min Joon was almost over when he grabbed her and passionately kiss her. Was she surprised? I think so. She did not see it coming. But she received it with all her heart.

The downside was, Min Joon's heart beat so fast it gave him a high temperature. Song Yi was flustered, restless and could not sleep. Affected by the kiss. Both were having the after effects and to someone like me who is watching them on screen, I could not help but laugh at the humor it gave and the irony of having that kiss. It was like "you can't eat your cake and have it".

Yup, the situation is not good for Min Joon. Guess kissing Song Yi was his explanation of
exchanging saliva with humans which is a no, no for an alien like him. I wonder what will happen if it was body fluids that he will receive? [laughed out loud here!] He said that too to attorney Jang. While Song Yi is realizing slowly what is happening to her, Min Joon is getting weaker by a simple kiss. Not only he had a fever, a fast heartbeat, but his powers as an alien is not working when he tried to close the sliding door inside his room. He needed to get up and walked and manually do it. This is the risk he is putting himself when he opens his heart and falls in love with irresistible Song Yi. Even the plants in the house was like dead when he is weak and alive when he regained strength.  I wonder what's the connection?

While he was in bed, Song Yi was very concerned. She even called her friend in the bookstore to help her on what to do. She put towel on his forehead, opened his shirt and rub towel to cool down his temperature. She thought it was surprising and alarming to have out Min Joon in that state just after kissing her.

Of course Min Joon was still the distant one, not allowing Song Yi to care for him or touch him. But Song Yi never failed to make me laugh with her ridiculous antics. Zipping herself inside a sleeping bag which looked like a caterpillar was really funny. And she could not open it herself after wards. Min Joon was bewildered finding her inside and perhaps looked at her as a crazy one. He picked her up and toss over his shoulders and dumped her in the living room on a couch. He left her there. The next morning, Jang found her and unzipped her at her sweet request. She told him about the fever. Jang was puzzled. He talked to Min Joon if it was like when he was a banker and someone spit on his coffee. Sure, it was really a secret weapon to seize MinJoon into submission or to defeat him. Scary if it will be found out. Hope psycho Jae Kyung won't.

Min Joon never told Jang about the kiss, of course. Too self-conscious to share what he really feels for Song Yi. Jang knew his time is narrowing and it won't be good for him to be found out after 400 years. Or should he stay?

Song Yi told Min Joon that she wished someone will stay with her for a very, very long time. That will be her ideal man. She was sad thinking about her father and how she misinterpreted the argument between her mother and father that they think she was a money making daughter that's why they were fighting the rights over her. Her love for her father hurt her so she hurt him too by saying to never appear before her again. I guess she missed him very much.

A new information about Yoo Ra was discovered. She was pregnant. The investigators are now looking at a possible homicide. They just have to uncover who was the man involved with her. Min Joon is the easy candidate but no direct evidence. Jae Kyung is calling Song Yi again. She was staying still in Min Joon's apartment and when he heard who was calling, he manoeuvre the phone to slipped out of Song Yi's hands. The call never answered. He knew Jae Kyung was in Song Yi's apartment and she was really in danger. Jae Kyung will not let anything disrupt his convenient life.

Min Joon could not help himself but confront Jae Kyung at the elevator. Jae Kyung mockingly told him that he is only letting them both live because he chose to do so. Their lives is in his hands. But Min Joon is not scared. Once again he forgot to be conscious of his powers and when Jae Kyung went down from floor 23 to first floor, Min Joon was there when the elevator opened. Shocked at seeing him when he just left him upstairs. Min Joon told him he can not be killed.

Se Mi met with Min Joon to confirm her doubt and allegations. She was certain it was him 12 years ago. Min Joon was clueless of what's going on inside Se Mi's head. She told Hui Kyung. They both saw Min Joon then. She told about the photo she took. I think both are confused how could have happened since it has been 12 years.

Hui Kyung went to see him but instead found Song Yi opening the door. He became jealous. I think I can like Hui Kyung for his sincerity and care towards Song Yi. But he is just not the man for her. He told her to take a rest in one of their houses. She packed her things ready to go but while throwing a piece of paper in the trash can, she saw a piece of glass with blood. Her instinct told her it was really Min Joon on that night who saved her on the cliff. She stayed to find out.

Hui Kyung and Min Joon saw each other at the lobby. He confronted Min Joon but he denied. He did not believe just told him to stay away. Up in the apartment, same thing happened. Song Yi though baffled was sure it was him. He kept on denying telling her it was delusional. Something Song Yi had no answer because she is really seeking a doctor now.

Episode 10

Danger Follows

Song Yi stayed with her friend. Waiting for a call or even a message. But none came. Poor Song Yi. She is having symptoms of someone falling in love.

Hui Kyung's concern for Song Yi's safety made him someone fix her door and alarm. He also instructed a cctv to be set up. Her mother and brother went to her. Her brother volunteer to stay with her. I think despite what's happening, he loves his sister in his own way.

Jae Kyung was thinking about what happened in the elevator. His right hand told him it was impossible for anyone to run down the stairs and be there. Jae Kyung made him tail Min Joon. I think he was the one who got his things at the office, too.

Jang is very concerned to Min Joon. He learned what happened. He cautioned him to be careful in front of Jae Kyung. He can die this time for real. Omo! So, Min Joon if not fast can really die. And the psycho is on the loose and searching and waiting for the right time. The USB he was looking for was in Min Joon's hands. He watched what's inside and saw Yoo Ra with him. He called the investigator that he will meet with him.

The weird thing was that when Jae Kyung asked Hui Kyung if he finds Min Joon strange, he denied. I wonder why? There was a scene where he was in his brother's room and answered his phone hearing a woman's voice. Jae Kyung snatched the phone and a bit scary reprimanded him. I think the scene made Hui Kyung realize something about his brother.

She even got jealous of Se Mi when she hold Min Joon's hands in the coffee shop. They met after she talked to her agency [former] with Min Joon acting as legal consultant for her. The coordi who brought coffees on the tables was so clumsy it poured on both of them. But they went to see if Se Mi was okay leaving her or neglecting her presence which was somehow another betrayal for Song Yi. Then Se Mi got hold of a napkin and tried to dry his hands which did not escape Song Yi's lazer eyes. She was already a bit angry to Se Mi being concerned in the presence of Min Joon which irritated her. She told her to speak the way she spoke the last time they met. So her jealousy sparked.  When she stood up Min Joon shed off his coat and draped it on hers and put his arms on her as they walked away.

Since Song Yi keeps thinking of Min Joon and the kiss she was flabbergasted by what it could mean. She was attracted to him and it was all his fault. She told him so. Even embarrassed but courageously confess what she feels. But at the same time afraid of what he might say so she told him not to answer. Silly girl. She really makes me laugh. She has opened herself to him but he remained silent. Of course, our alien won't say anything, will keep it inside and control his feelings. He can't even if he wants to.

Jae Kyung has thought of something to eliminate both Song Yi and Min Joon. The investigator he was supposed to meet was hit on the head. Jae Kyung was at the scene knowing Min Joon will go there. He rode his car and confident Min Joon will follow which was what happened. My heart was beating fast when I saw this scene. Then there was Song Yi who wanted to see Min Joon so went to his apartment. The irony of remembering his passcode when she can't remember her own is something she could not fathom. Me either. lol!

And my instinct were right. The right hand man was in there waiting by the shadows, hiding maybe bidding his time as to when he will kill her. And just about the same time at the cliff again Jae Kyung holding a gun pointing at Min Joon. But he never anticipated that Min Joon can or disappear and be in another place in an instant. When he pulled the trigger Min Joon vanished in the air. He stood there dumbfounded. Alone. But not very long for Min Joon appeared on his back.

Our alien is laying himself open to this kinds of danger. He can't control his actions all because of Song Yi. She will be his weakness.

Another hanging episode. Will he have enough time to get to Song Yi before something bad happens?

Falling in love in the middle of danger. I am waiting for romance to start but afraid of the outcome. Ah... the story is fascinating. Chincha!

mslee1107 sharing her review and thoughts.

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