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Sunday, January 12, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Can We Love Episode 2

Another late post from mslee. Almost a week since this episode was aired but I only had the chance to watch it just now. I will try to still update my thoughts on this drama even if late.:)) Mianhe.

After watching our three heroin from episode 1, my curiosity to know them more increase. The three friends have their own lives, have their own struggles and what's happening in their lives are really intriguing.

In this episode, a new problem arose for Yoon Jung Wan. Actually, I feel her frustrations trying to find ways to support her son and her mother. And she is optimistic even if powerless of the situation she is in, but still not giving up. And I am just as disheartened and dismay as she must have felt then learning that her mother had been duped by someone who she trusted with a loan Jung Wan wasn't aware of. The man run off with the money from the loan making them homeless. I felt resentful towards the mother for doing such things without consulting her daughter who is working for the family. I know the mother thought of helping her daughter but in the process just make their lives more difficult. 

I noticed that Director Oh seemed to find it funny to tease Jung Wan of her predicaments. He seemed to love throwing her subtle sarcastic comments but not really offending. Just making her fidget and unsure of what should be her reactions to his comments. But one thing she realized was that despite his complex personality, he has a good heart. He in his own way tried to help her from the man who tried to molest her when she unfortunately met the man again while waiting for director Kyung Soo. Somehow, she acknowledged his good heart. And I see that Kyung Soo is not indifferent to Jung Wan. But of course he has this nonchalant attitude but pretty much flirt a little towards Kim Sun Mi when Jung Wan brought her at the company. I think Director Oh Kyung Soo loves to be noticed and keep ladies guessing and curious towards him. But still keeps his distance like a mysterious man.

I am very interested in the story of Kwon Ji Jyun. Her father was very sorry for making her break off with An Do Young back then and marry her husband now. Looking at the status of Do Young, he came from a good and wealthy a family and also a cousin of director Oh. So I wonder if at that time Ji Hyun had no knowledge of his family background? And why were her friends not know him?

I think that Ji Hyun's real personality is hidden to her husband. I sensed that when she married Lee Gyu Sik she became a totally different person to suit him and his family of what should be a perfect wife. She hides the fact that she drinks which she does when she is with Sun Mi and Jung Wan but her husband praise her for being a woman dhow doesn't drink which is rare nowadays. She let herself free whenever she is with friends, as if rebelling from her life. She living a lie that's why she is frustrated and not really happy even though she has a nice husband. I think her daughter Se Ra knew the real Ji Hyun that's why she is rebelling, too and wanting attention. Right, I call her behavior wanting attention with her secret drinking. 

I felt Ji Hyun's different and conflicting emotions when Do Young appeared in her house with her husband. She was somehow reminded of someone she had loved and tried hard to forget. I sense bitterness for a while. Like Do Young, he was surprised at seeing her and he was also affected. I think I saw him eyeing her and maybe curious a bit when her husband kept praising her as someone who doesn't drink. Just as I surmised, maybe Do Young knew the real Ji Hyun.

In this episode, Kim Sun Mi continued her life moving on from her another yet disastrous love affair. She may seemed unaffected but deep inside, she had invested enough emotionally to feel betrayed. But even though Choi Yoon Seok tried hard to make her feel better, it only made her annoyed at him. But then, I love him for being so nice and sweet towards his noona. He continue to crowd her even though she complained and not appreciate. He cooked for her and clean her apartment. 

I noticed that Sun Mi was a bit impressed or maybe interested towards Director Oh. Maybe she was flattered by how he looked and talked to her when they met. And her assistants kept on pairing her to him. I smell conflict of interest if at some point in the next episodes Sun Mi will really feel affected by Kyung Soo's charisma, which is undoubtedly very powerful. He could make both Jung Wan and Sun Mi interested about him. But I still think he is someone who is detached. And it has something to do with his mother who is confined to a hospital with dementia. Do Young visits her but Kyung Soo doesn't. Something must had happened in the past. Kyung Soo portrayed a ladies man but in reality he is not. Maybe a facade to cover the real person behind the smiles, flattery, teasing and being a perfectionist when it comes to work.

Another soul in the drama I have no liking is the mother in law of Ji Hyun, It is very evident that she doesn't like Ji Hyun but being an interfering one is really making me hate her. The cliches are so predictable. Her calculating knock on the married couple just to disrupt their moments was very maddening.  Maybe because for me it is so childish and underhand to act that way just to teach your daughter in law that whatever happens, a son will always have this special connection to his mother and it is something a wife can't help but accept. 

So far, the episode is another good watch. It keeps me curious to find out more. The ending is also intriguing. Both Sun Mi and Director Oh found themselves at the beach by chance. As usual, he managed to make a woman affected by his flirty actions. He was capturing her facial expressions without her knowing. As if he is really interested in her, but left her all the same to her own exploring at the beach. Like he just conquered her attention then dropped her for no reason. She found herself in a dilemma when after sometime sitting on a rock she did not notice the tide coming in and water surrounded her. A good thing Kyung Soo was still there and carried her off to dry beach but unfortunately they both landed on water after a few strides. Both were wet. He suggested they shower at a motel, to Sun Mi surprise. But she did not say anything. Maybe she was waiting what's really on his mind. To her surprise, he booked two separate rooms. And called her that he was leaving ahead.

Something definitely is going to happen in this drama. So I will surely wait for the next episode because I am intrigue to know what runs inside Directo Oh Kyung Soo's mind.

this is mslee1107 rambling...

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