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Thursday, February 20, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] First Impression - Beyond The Clouds

File:Beyond The Clouds-p001.jpg

There's more to lies and deceits in the story that it has shown so far. The tangled fate of Han Young Won and Jung Se Ro will be filled with sorrows as revenge take over what could have been a good start of chance meeting at the opening of the drama. He was delivering flowers to her, and her smiles just stayed with his memories. Never thought they would cross paths even though she was not aware in Thailand when she joined a particular contest featuring her designed jewelries.

The plot is very clever,  Jung Se Ro a diligent student that is on his way to achieving his dreams but shattered by a single incident because he is a son of a man living off scumming other people. He grew up protecting his father Jung Do Joon from being caught by the police with a whistle. He knew what his father was but he loves him all the same. Do Joon stayed in Thailand and worked there with Park Gang Jae and Seo Jae In. Jewelry is their forte.

Han Young Won is a rich daughter of Belle La Fair, a jewelry company. Han Tae Oh seems to be a good father but behind his facade is a cold man who will do anything to protect his family and maybe underhand business dealings that is kept hidden to Young Won. He has Baek Nan Joo as the second madame and a son with her Han Young Joon. The step mother has her own agenda and will use her son to gain the favor of Han Tae Oh, maybe a possible successor in the future. She looks at Young Won as a rival for her son but put up a good face in front of Young Won, treating her good.

She has a boyfriend/fiance' [Woo Jin] but without her knowing, someone her father hired to look out for her but I think in the process he sincerely loved her. And the task backfired to Han Tae Oh when he can't separate the two. Marriage is looming and it needed to be stopped. He is not good enough for Han Tae Oh as a son in law and the conversation between them made me think there's something he knows about the business of Han Tae Oh..

In Thailand where the jewelry contest was held, two sets of diamonds were in Woo Jin's possession. The diamonds are unique for they were engraved with Young Won's name. The trio, Do Joon, Gang Jae and Jae In planned a heist, switching the diamonds for fake ones. Trusting and naive Woo Jin was the target. The switch was made without so much effort on the day of the contest. But even before the trio walked out of the building, he knew something was wrong.

At about the same time, Jung Se Ro is also in Thailand visiting his father and also awaiting for the result of a job interview.  What could have been a perfect dream would soon became a nightmare. Woo Jin became a hostage, just for the time being. Gang Jae has no reason to harm him, keeping him only until they all get out of Thailand. One diamond was put in Se Ro's bag by his father without him knowing. When he went looking for his father in the place he stays, he found Woo Jin there. He let him know he is not one of the people who kidnapped him. But it was already too late for Woo Jin to escape, a sniper shot him. 

The story of revenge will start with that incident. Woo Jin died but even without the gun or proof that Se Ro killed him, he became the fallen guy. And I was right that Han Tae Oh was behind the murder of Woo Jin. The stolen diamond became a good alibi for the incident and no one to put the blame but the only one in the same place, Jung Se Ro. Do Joon, while running away from Gang Jae and Jae In was hit by a car. At the time Se Ro had gathered money for the operation, the police were already in the hospital and dragging him to be investigated.

In a foreign country, with diamond in his possession, a dead man and no alibi, no connections, it was just too hard to refute the charge. Han Tae Oh made sure someone will take the blame for Woo Jin's death. Even if Young Won was hurting. Until the very end she never believed Woo Jin was in cahoots with the people who stole the diamonds. The twist of the story was that Se Ro and Young Won did not able to meet. Han Tae Oh made sure of it.

The drama is good although the synopsis is something of a cliche already which reminded me of Secret and Innocent Man although different in approach. The protagonist here is framed unlike in the two dramas, they knew they will go to prison in behalf of a loved one.

But I am intrigued by the characters and what's not yet divulged and revealed. There is more to Gang Jae's character than just a hyung to Se Ro who will help in taking revenge to Han Young Won. And of course how love will complicate the avenging part of the story.

The actors are good. Han Ji Hye acted very cool and controlled despite the raw emotions she has which affected the viewer like me. She is pure elegance. Yoon Kye Sang is a revelation to me. This is only the second time I will be seeing him in a drama since Greatest Love. He fits the character of Jung Se Ro and his acting is awesome. His look that promised total retaliation is chilling.

And I will be waiting for more.


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