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Friday, September 19, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Iron Man / Blade Man Episodes 3 and 4 Screen caps Review

Nothing much happened in this week's episode. One thing I am still curious about is that I think my theory that Joo Hong Bin is unaware of the blades coming out of his body is right. He had moments when he got angry with his father and when woke up inside the gym the following day, he tried to remember what happened and looked at his body for something, but found nothing. When he saw the long slash of wound on Secretary Ko's arms, he told him to undress and saw that the slash continued on his back part. But Secretary Ko told him a lie about the wound.

The child he had with Tae Hee kept on crying. Hong Bin has no patience with him. In the end, Se Dong looked after him temporarily. She looked for a company that would also hire her and her colleagues and found Sun Empire willing to hire them. But the following day when they went, the company just got bankrupt just after it hired them.

Hong Bin asked her to be his son's nanny with a big salary. Instead she told him that she hoped he would hire her and her team and in between she would look after the child. Hong Bin does not want to give in but in the end he had too.

I am intrigued of butler Yoon. She is not the ordinary butler but it seemed there is more to her personality that has not been revealed. Just like where Hong Bin got his blades and how did he became like that. These are only some of the mystery of the drama that has not been tackled thoroughly. Even when Hong Bin releases his anger, why would he not remember anything?

Because the child is scared of a monster, he told Se Dong to write a letter to his grandfather about it. Se Dong gave the letter to Hong Bin. He asked the child about it. He decided to bring the child to Tae Hee's hometown with Se Dong tagging along. There he met Tae Hee's parents. What's surprising was when the mother saw Se Dong she called her Tae Hee and embraced her tightly. Se Dong cried when the mother cried.

This week's episodes are  quite boring. No further plot developments. Hoping next week, more revelations will come and that the story will focus on Hong Bin's blades and it's role in the story. I still can't see Se Dong as a woman who will take  Tae Hee's place in his heart. Se Dong is more likely a hoobae or a dongsaeng to Hong Bin. And she has not been showing any liking to Hong Bin either. She calms him, she brings wonderful scent to his senses and she wins over him when she tried to convince him or either go against his words. For a little girl compared to his monstrous personality, she is something to Hong Bin's staff's amuses.

I do wish the expectation I have over the plot of the drama will be met. I have enjoyed last week's premiere and looking forward for more of like those witty and fun scenes. I missed Secretary Ko's awesome moments, too, in these episodes. But he is really something for a secretary. Very loyal and caring.


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Episode 3

Episode 4

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