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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Temptation - Final Thoughts

Honestly, I have been disappointed with the turn of events on this drama especially what the writer did to Hong Joo's character. I have always stated my personal take and I have always understand Hong Joo's pains while her decision to act on revenge is definitely a bad choice for her.

But on previous episodes, I saw her growth as an individual character in this drama. It may have been a long suffering but still, her strength carried her up to this final episode of the story and I think she came out the most consistent honest personality. Actually, her "revenge" did not really matter because Min Woo acted on his own for his desire to defeat Se Young and Seok Hoon. So in the end, Hong Joo came to understand that she need not revenge for her own peace of mind.

I applaud her for her forgiving heart. Yes, she has a good heart for easily forgiving Seok Hoon who betrayed her and their marriage of 10 years. Some say she is the one who let go but it is clear that Seok Hoon stated that he changed and Hong Joo saw this change and that his heart already left that's why she gave him the go signal. I believe, no matter how they tried, the marriage is doomed because he loves another woman. Even Se Young knew that her little game can not be understood by any woman, so she is right all along that Hong Joo would fail to understand Seok Hoon.

I wrote in my previous post that I am counting on a decent and respectable ending and that perhaps the writer will finally gives Hong Joo the happiness she truly deserves. Well, he gave it but I think. it is too soon to conclude Hong Joo is happy now. More of like she is at peace with herself. I love how the father opened his arms for his daughter and supported her in her second failure at marriage. Home is where Hong Joo found her peace. Although I am still not happy to see that her brother who betrayed her did not apologized to her and tried to understand that Seok Hoon hurt her the most. I did not also see that Se Jin realized who the sister is of her boyfriend. Up to the final scenes in episode 20, the connection between Seok Hoon, Se Young and Hong Joo is not revealed to Se Jin.

The opening of the episode is so ironic.I want to curse the writer for putting Hong Joo in that position to be the caregiver of Se Young. But maybe it is the writer's way of making the two women if not forgive each other, at least come to understand where they are at this point of their lives. Truly, Hong Joo's caring heart prevailed when after telling Se Young she won't do the job she requested, that she will leave, but she stayed when she saw Se Young in pain. Her caring instinct even towards the woman she once hated and played with her sand castle, came first.

Se Young apologized sincerely as she takes the responsibility of what took place in HongKong. Is this the decent ending I hoped for? Perhaps. I am glad that the writer at least gave Hong Joo her last pride of not accepting the apology even if it was sincere. For all that has happened between them, one can only worked on forgiveness and forgetting as time passes by. The pain has not healed. Hong Joo will still remember the bad memories. And I believe, no one in this earth would be able to forgive the woman who hurt you and took away your husband. Someday, perhaps. When Hong Joo found her own happiness and blissfulness.

I hoped for a good ending between Min Woo and Hong Joo. But of course, time must pass for them to realize if what they have can be salvaged. As for Hong Joo, I think although she has no plans of getting back together with Min Woo, she did not close her door. Min Woo is just the same. When he asked her to go to HongKong, she declined but in his eyes, there will be some other time in the future. I think he matured enough in what happened to him after the bribery scandal.

For my least favorite character, the weakest link in the story, Seok Hoon got his happy ending. Well, I really don't like it but what to do? He fell out of love with his wife of 10 years and fell in love with Se Young. My consolation in this drama is that the price of their love is accompanied by Se Young's journey to a long and exhausting medication in the future. I think this is the only way the writer has shown that they can be together, but it will be the price they have to pay for the way their love started.

But one thing the drama has shown is that temptation can get away and find you true love even at the expense of another human being's  crying and sufferings. I think this is what the message is, clear and crystal. The happy ending for both Seok Hoon and Se Young was granted.

It is sad that I can not find it in my heart to like the lead characters of this drama. Their actions are not my cup of tea. And although this is the comeback drama of two of the hallyu stars I liked, I won't be watching this again. 

As for a respectable ending, I think Hong Joo got it in the end. She also gave it to both Seok Hoon and Se Young when she advise them both separately that she should take her medicines and that Seok Hoon should be patient with a person with an illness.

Again, it is like she finally gave her blessing to these two person who hurt her badly. But in doing so, Hong Joo got my respect again of what kind of character she is deep within.

So, the ending is quite hanging for some parts but well, the viewers who want the OTP to be together got their wish.


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