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Sunday, July 12, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] JjongAh Feels! Yura Instagram Update With Hong Jong Hyun! + Video @Inkigayo

OMG!!! Can I scream?!!! [omg..ong..omg!!!]

This is my reaction seeing my IG timeline with Yura on line and sharing photos with no other but her "virtual" husband Hong Jong Hyun! With flowers and I heard there was also a cake from Jjong "oppa", it was a sight that really brought so much feels and happiness.

He was holding a signed CD album of Girl's Day, the comeback album while standing smiling, grinning besides her. Wish I know where his right hand, though...? Hmmm....

This is something to treasure because not all WGM couples are seen on TV after their stint in the show ended. This is rare, but because Jjong is an MC now, this is inevitable and something that has been anticipated since the news of a comeback album of GD had been announced.

Ain't they look good and beautiful together?

I really love to make lots of screen caps but maybe later, will update this page for that.

Thoughtful Hong Jong Hyun...

Oh and this just happened a while ago!

Yes, I checked and it is true! 

Jjong should have done this a long time ago. Guess he is shy? Oh Jjong!  Now they are both following each other!

The Interview

Video of Girl's Day @Inkigayo. Of course, Yura-shi stood besides Jjong! And there was a bit of awkwardness there, yeah, maybe nervous in front of viewers and fans and shippers because it has been a while now since WGM ended. Anyway, the chemistry is still burning, awesome and their smiles are contagious.

150712 Girl's Day (걸스데이) - Interview @ 인기가요 Inkigayo

For now, I think I will keep on playing the video to satisfy my hunger for my JjongAh couple.

can't stop grinning...can't stop my JjongAh feels!!!


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