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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Orange Marmalade Episode 12 - Final Thoughts

Everything fell into place after Jae Min recalled some of his memories involving Ma Ri, from past life to the present. He realized that Ma Ri would always be the one for him, back then and now. It does not matter anymore if she is a vampire, that he used to dislike vampires because his heart chose Ma Ri and it was something that he must accept with all his heart.

There was a nice twist to A Ra's romance involving Shi Hoo. 

From the moment she spent her time with him after ditching the class and found him singing in front of a cafe and then talking with him, his charm naturally caught her unaware. Her attention shifted from Jae Min to Shi Hoo. Well, not a bad choice even if he is a vampire because, yes, Shi Hoo is one hot vampire.

The school was in another mess because the students were anxious learning there were two vampires. I like to think they would all be screaming if they also learned at the same time that one of the teachers is also a vampire. The parents are lobbying for those two to transfer but once again Jae Min stepped forward and take responsibility along with the rest of the band. For the mean time they were given the chance to stay in school but they will be in a different room. Basically, they are the members of the band. 

Jae Min wanted to start the band again and the rest agreed. They started practicing. Jae Min talked with the agency that scouted them before. It was still a tough decision to make for the agency so Jae Min made a deal that if they got in in a competition and included in the top ten, the agency should reconsider.

Luck was on their side but on filming day, someone pulled a prank knowing there are vampires on their group. 

A fellow schoolmate had alerted one of the competitors about it. There were blood all over one of the dressing rooms. The filming was cancelled and so Orange Marmalade's chance of being accepted.

Ma Ri wanted to go ahead and not quit. The band took their songs and performance outside, in front of the fountain where Jae Min and Ma Ri made their wishes.

 At first, few people stopped to listen to them. Soon many are interested to hear their songs and see their performance. They already know about Ma Ri and Shi Hoo are vampires.

Project co existing has progressed after the experiment with Ma Ri and Shi Hoo became a success. Soon more group of vampires were put on the program and they live their life not in secret anymore. With the interest Orange Marmalade has been gaining, the agency somehow acknowledged their talents but still the story did not really tell if the band got their chance to produce their music.

Shi Hoo reunited with his parents who were pardoned.

The romance ends well.  They are still young, Jae Min and Ma Ri. They have a lifetime ahead of them. They are not rushing. The story ends it in a way that there is more in store for both Ma Ri and Jae Min. 

The kiss that promise a lot more...

Ultimately this is what the story wants to relay and accomplished.

She is a vampire and he is human. What matters is that they have accepted each other for who and what they are.

Friendships remained for Shi Hoo and Ma Ri...

...and of course it ended well for Shi Hoo and Jae Min also who like the same girl.

And how Jae Min accepted the man his mother had married. Because now he truly understands everything.

His promise to his mother...

The start of comfortable talks...

I guess my journey in watching the progress of the story is worth it. This drama may not be that awesome, but I think it has a lot of great moments. I think I particularly like the Joseon era. It was more romantic, maybe because the setting is old and that part of the story in regards to romance was beautiful and heart tugging as well.

This is my final thoughts for this drama.


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