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Friday, July 31, 2015

[mslee''s thoughts] GIF - High Society Episode 15 Highlights

The story is wrapping up the conflicts. With one more episode to go, this episode gets a little faster.

Yoon Ha and Joon Ki may not be back together but at least they are finally talking and can be civil without the previous pain they felt for each other. Joon Ki has somehow acknowledged finally what reality is for him and his mistake in the past that led him to this situation. As for Yoon Ha, slowly, she is getting the whole picture of her life, her actions and her choices. When it comes to Joon Ki, the betrayal she felt has lessened and now she is ready to see his side of the picture. I always thought Yoon Ha is a very logical person seeing how she carried herself and bravely took her own journey trying alienating herself from the reality of being a chaebol's daughter. But now, she knew that what she is will always be and the only thing that will make her grounded and a bit different is her way of thinking. But she won't be able to abandon her real world because it is her life.

Sibling rivalry..is it really what it is between these two?

I think they are just in opposite direction when it comes to principles. I may be able to judge Yoon Ha's unnie quickly for her seemingly greedy attitude towards the succession in the presidency of the company but looking closely, she is just like any other who has a huge drive in proving her capability among her siblings. 

Ye Won has always has this drive to compete against Gyeong Joon to prove that she is better in running the company. Now that he is back, it only aggravate her more to stay in position and to secure the next position. She is willing to let Yoon Ha doubt his sincerity by insinuating he used her for his escape in the real world.

Joon Ki is silently helping Yoon Ha in her project to secure more numbers by introducing her to Chinese market through connections he made in the past. It will surely  affect his connection with Ye Won who is using his capability against Yoon Ha but he has already made his own choice. he knew what he is doing but this is his sincerity towards Yoon Ha. 

I always thought that sooner, these two will be an ally for the love of Chang Soo. Yes, both are lovable in their own way. Charming, to be precise. Chang Soo's mother is not the typical K-drama omma, thank goodness for that, writernim!

She is true to her character as the high society mother but at the same time, her love for her son, Chang Soo is what makes her endearing despite her snobbery which can be understood given the same situation. Life is reality that sets apart wealth from those unprivileged. But for the sake of them man they both love, she is willing to compromise to accept Ji Yi.

I smiled at how Ji Yi's charms keep on influencing Chang Soo's mother. Ji Yi is the real diamond in this story. Raw but genuine. It is all or nothing for this girl. She arguments are on point and this is her shield in getting by everyday.

Yoon Ha has not yet seen through Joon Ki's generosity. She is still clueless of his plans. She has never yet made the connection of what the results will be if Ye Won found out he is helping her. Or maybe she is not anticipating Joon Ki's plans because she has not fully understand him or accepted his sincerity. But soon..she will find out.

Love this pair. Mother and son. She never wins because he is so lovable. He loves her, she loves him, how can she win? She will always lose because he is Chang Soo, her favored son.

This is the sad part of the story. To realized that the mother and son have different level of love towards another. But then, whatever  Gyeong Joon had said in this scene were all true and a reality for parent/child relationship. It was just a disappointment, heartache to know that his truth is what he holds on to. A mother can only do much for her child and she thought she had done everything to show the depth of her love but it all turned out that in his view, it is a selfish act on her part.

This is very heart tugging because this is where parent and child differs in looking at a certain situation when it comes to love. But I can't say he is wrong when it is what he is feeling. Maybe both were selfish but it si not me to judge. I have been in a situation where I can honestly say, there comes a time when I could not meet my parent's thinking.

Maybe to wrap this up, it just shows two different perspective. But just the same they love each other.

The mistress who did not annoy me as a viewer. How come the writer has made these characters charming despite their roles? I can say that the only character that irritates me is Yoon Ha's sister, So Hyun whose small part in the drama exist only to make Yoon Ha's life difficult.

This two can be great friends. One is logical, the other one easy to be with. She takes advises from her in her childish manner but in the end she was never mean to Joon Ki's mother. This is important because it shows that her humanity exist despite her wrong choices in life.

Meeting after disappearance act.

Guess this is a very common scenario in every household. Two different/opposing principles. 

Ye Won trying to get her father's side ahead now that Gyeong Joon is back. She needs assurance that her work is being appreciated and that she has a place in the position she very much coveted.

Time to lay the cards. Time to take the next step. Yoon Ha will always be his priority. Even if Ye Won promised anything, this time around Joon Ki has changed. He knew what he does not know then. 

Guess he found out what LOVE is. What his parents have that he used to criticise.

Father and son...

I always knew the son will always be favored no matter what in their situation. Sons are important part of succession and Gyeong Joon knew it very well however opposites their thinking is when it comes to the company.

It does not need overthinking. Joon Ki has made his choice.

Push and pull.

Chang Soo needs her to trust him not only his words.

Resignation letter...

Ji Yi is trying to guard her heart. She is smart. She knew there is no guarantee and she is not ready to bet again. Chang Soo needs to convince her more.

Their love story is very beautiful. I love how the writer has written their part. Both charming. Both agonizing the situation not only one. The sincerity from Chang Soo is real and this is what makes him more lovable.

Leaving the company.

Yoon Ha just realized why he helped her and asking her to win. 

I don;t want the drama to end yet but then, everything has been laid out. Next episode is just wrapping up what happened in here. Two romance. What else can I ask for?

In advance to sharing my last post for this drama I am thanking the writer for this simple but realistic take on the reality between the wealthy and the poor. No cliches like shouting, too much humiliation on other human being, but showing a different and fresh approach in what can possibly happen inside a chaebol's household in a dignified way amidst chaos.

I am just sorry I was not able to post weekly thoughts because I am enjoying the story too much to convey my feelings.

Well...hoping to post my last thoughts soon.


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