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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

GIF - The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 13 Highlights

Time to learn how the past affected their lives, their friendship and where it took them.

It was an entangled situation. So many little things happened that resulted to what they are now. Ha Na is slowly realizing everything. Won has been there all along, quietly loving her.

Now, all is left is what's written on that script which is unfinished. Will there be changes in the present or in the future?
What is clear is that Won will always be there for her.

Has she made a bad decision going out with Cha Seo Hoo? Is her love the same intensity from before or was it only the lingering feelings she has for him that revived [weakly] and she just let it overwhelmed her?

Confusion strikes...

Ha Na's birthday gift...

Back to where they started...as friends.

Because in the past, she let herself be vulnerable in front of him...

Something has changed between them...

Time to let go...

Will he let her go?

...and let her go to the man who will change his story.

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