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Sunday, August 9, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Scholar Who Walks The Night Episode 10 Highlights

Episode 10 It was like the turning point of the story.

I really did not put this drama in my list that I would make reviews or recaps because I am just enjoying every week's episodes. But this episode has a lot of interesting scenes and revelations, particularly between our OTP Sung Yeol and Yang Sun that I have to make gif or post something about it.

By this time, I think Kim So Eun's character [Hye Ryeong] has somehow showed what's really inside her head or heart. She is ambitious, yes, but I think deep inside she is attracted to the Crown Prince Lee Yoon but she is just hiding it from Gwii. She realized that the Prince has feelings for Yang Sun when she them talking.

Then of course, my favorite scenes happened between Sung Yeol and Yang Sun. Of course, I knew he cares for her but because he is a vampire, there is no sense in confronting those feelings. But Yang Sun has already showed him how she truly feels. After her ordeal, she became vulnerable than ever and she need him so she asked him to stay beside her. I like that Sung Yeol let go of his control and just cared for her while he tended on her wounds. It does not matter if he feels weak every time he uses his blood on her. I so love the bath scene. It was so romantic and full of passion but at the same time I felt the frustrations of the situation for Sung Yeol knowing he would not be able to pursue his love for her. It was a melancholic yet sweet scene.

So now Yang Sun's step mother had realized she is not her husband's daughter but someone else's who died as a traitor. Now she blamed her for all that has happened in their family and the death of her husband, It was as if Yang Sun was abandoned and she has no where to go.

At the cliff, she was on the brink of jumping, ending her life but Sung Yeol thankfully arrived and pulled her back..

I wonder where the love story will go. This has that tragic feels in the end but who knows,maybe writernim will be generous enough to put a stunning twist in the end. I hope so because it is the only way for both Yang Sun and Sung Yeol to find their happiness that has been denied since. \

As for Gwii, I am curious who was the girl he loved and where was the child? I think that child will be the human that will help eliminate Gwii's existence.

For a villain, Gwii is not exactly detestable. His presence in the screen is so powerful but at the same time his charisma is overflowing.

For now this is my first review of this drama.

gif below


The Crown Prince and Yang Sun

Friendship gone sour...

She told him where yang Sun was...

My favorite scenes

The bath scene...

Then the kiss scene...

Yang Sun and her step mother

Gwii and Hye Ryeong

Revealing The Crown Prince's true identity

Who is this girl???

Saved by Sung Yeol...

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