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Thursday, April 14, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Marriage Contract episode 11

Just a few
thoughts on the drama and the episode...

This drama
continues to bring beautiful story as the character deal with their own pains.
The break up between Hye Soo and Ji Hoon was sad knowing the reasons behind Hye
Soo's hesitation to go further with Ji Hoon. Eun Sang is the innocent party in
adults are acting this way and breaking their promises to her. The girl trusted
this complex relationship of Ji Hoon and Hye Soo, and she felt confused why the them and now she is finding it hard to distance herself from this ahjussi she
learned to trust and like.

Hye Soo also
started her treatment. Amidst rumors going on around in the restaurant, she
does not really care. While Ji Hoon was trying to understand what happened to
him and Hye Soo and still not convinced that he is wrong in thinking that the
wrenching. What a mother's wish is  to
feelings are mutual. The struggle to stay alive for her daughter is so heart
take care of her child and not wanting to leave. It was a teary eyed moment and
development on the relationship between Ji Hoon and his mother as well as his
Hye Soo was connecting so much to the viewers. The story tells a beautiful mother to her brother. It was showing how blood ties could be stronger even if
misunderstanding and sufferings had torn the relationship apart.

The ending
promised a hope that Hye Soo's cold and firm stance to let go of Ji Hoon might
melt seeing how Ji Hoon was asking to be given another chance. It was a
self but begging for another chance.
heartfelt scene, so sincere and true. Ji Hoon was the opposite of his proud


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