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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Some Dramas are Just So Hard to Forget! Six Flying Dragons Official Still Cuts and BTS

Yes, some dramas and characters are just so hard to forget! Like Six Flying Dragons, it ended a few weeks ago, but it is still currently the best drama I have watched recently. It was one of those stories you wish would not end yet, even if it already aired 50 episodes.

Actually, I have never posted my last thoughts on the drama yet. Maybe I was lazy to do it, or I just can't seem to find the thoughts I want to say, having discussed the characters of Bang Won and Jung Do Jeon almost all episodes that I did some reviews. The end was the culmination of all Bang Won's dreams and I have already talked about it and wrote some justification on why I am favoring him even if historically, he was not as popular as Jung Do Jeon.

The romance in the last episode was poignant and heart tugging. It was the awaited scenes of Bang Won and Boon Yi after he ascended the throne some years later. The story indicates that Boon Yi will always be the woman he loved and the one that would always remind him of who he was and where his principles and ideologies started from the past. It was a melancholic journey for Bang Won as he achieved his dreams alone but lonely at the same time. The people he trusted the most left him but what I find warm in the story is that those people loved him for who he was like Boon Yi and Moo Hyul and at the same time he felt the same way.

So maybe this is my long over due post on the final episode of Six Flying Dragons.
Hmmm... sometimes I just need some inspiration to write and seeing these behind the scenes and official still cuts I am reminded of the amazing story and the characters that compelled me to watch the entire drama.

From how they all met at earlier episodes since they were young and the complications that tangled their lives to choosing the path they each had to walk until the last moment when everything fell apart and they became enemies...

There was no villain, no one particular hero in this saga. Everyone is a character that connects to the viewers. Everyone is loved, even the most hated characters are being applauded for their schemes. Before I end my short thoughts, I will share again my most favorite character that gave that interesting chapters in the earlier episodes and yet made him vulnerable  as he faced his death.

Gil Tae Mi would always be someone that will be remembered. His story was not ordinary.  I think as a villain, I consider him as someone who has given the story that extra appeal during the earlier episodes. Of course, Hong In Bang made me clenched my teeth while Lee In Gyum was a powerful opponent whose intelligence and wit had made the schemes more exciting. These villains were not really villains but rather characters that brought out the sophisticated way of fighting which were the finest intelligent match that Sambong Jung Do Jeon and Bang Won had both ever had.


BTS and Official cuts


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