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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Another Oh Hae Young episode 1 - Catching Up on My Thoughts

It has been a while since a drama, a romantic one has captured my senses. I'd like to say that Another Oh Hae Young was definitely a drama that one should not missed. It slowly grows on me and though the plot was complicated, the characters are somewhat insane in different levels regarding how they cope up with their broken hearts, it has become addicting to watch. It was a surprise for me, not really expecting the depth of emotions I would encounter watching the story unfold in each characters. I love how the writer and the director have been able to show and connect the emotional complex of the story and at the same time have been able to make viewers like me see beyond the foolishness of some scenes pertaining to some other characters.

It was typically a k-drama with all it's cliches and recurrent scenes that I was able to love and become fond of since becoming a k-drama fanatic. But then, it was somehow new too at the same time.

Since I have watched until episode 8 already and I wrote my first thoughts previously as a general about the drama, I was wondering to continue writing more because I was suddenly inspired to do it and make gifs as well. But then I realized I just have to start at the beginning, like catching up on my thoughts about the progression of the drama. I hope I would be able to post all episodes with screen caps or gifs with my thoughts.

So starting from the beginning...

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The lead characters in the drama

Oh Hae Young... the plain Oh Hae Young. 
The scene was showing her running from a place. It was the day before her wedding. 

Park Do Kyung...
Sound Producer
Another soul that has been burying himself through his works. A perfectionist.
Both running, one carrying a recent pain, tears in her eyes..
The other running, producing sounds for his work.

But then, were they really running with different thoughts and turmoils inside their hearts? It seems they were connected somehow by their inner struggles, though in different places and perhaps time.

Oh Hae Young works in a food company. She and her team is responsible for creating new menus for the restaurants of the company.  

But her efforts are not being recognized or appreciated by her manager who incidentally is Park Do Kyung's noona, Park Kyung Soo. 

These two just can't seem to find that camaraderie which should develop between colleagues. Maybe because Oh Hae Young reminds Park Kyung Soo the same name of the woman who jilted her brother, the other Oh Hae Young.

Do Kyung is a workaholic, something that his staff find difficult to cope with.

Do Kyung's team with his carefree dongsaeng, Park Hoon. 
Always a complainer, opposite of Do Kyung  when it comes to working and producing amazing job.

Do Kyung's friend...
his lawyer friend, Lee Jin Sang.

Suddenly, Do Kyung sees a vision, not a deja vu' but something that is bound to happen. It was like he became a clairvoyant...

and yes, seconds later what he saw in his head materialized or happened.

Moving forward, after her cancelled wedding, she was on a blind date. It was not a good meeting actually but she decided to just get it over as soon as. 
It was something she had to do, to let people think she is okay, she is not wallowing in pain...
because she was the one who cancelled her wedding the day before.

It was a lie!
She was dumped, big time by Han Tae Jin, her boyfriend whom she thought loved her. But he said he could not take seeing her eat again.

Was it really deja vu'?
Park Do Kyung browsed the net...

Because it keeps coming into his head.
A new vision...

A woman...
A stranger he has not met before.
She was inside his head. 

A scene that he thinks will unfold soon.
Who is she?
It's messing his head.

Then he saw her, walking towards him in a crowded place. This stranger who did not know he already saw in his head.

He stared at her as she walks, closing the distance. She stared at him as she continue her walk, passing him by.

Then she looked back..
and there he is, still, staring at her.

She was clueless, while he was curious.

Park Hoon after his break up...

meeting An Na

Young, sexy, playful An Na. Ready to be his next girlfriend.

It's painful to remember again and again how she was crushed by Han tae Jin's words. Their break up was sudden, the day before their wedding, seriously!
No other reasons...
just that he can't stand seeing her eat!

What a shallow explanation for a break up!
If he knew how his words cut through her heart like a knife!

He was so cold. Gone was the Han Tae Jin in her warm memory.

Coincidence or not, Oh Hae Young's friend is Do Kyung's colleague. Small world, chincha for the two of them.

She knew Oh Hae Young's story. And she told Do Kyung because apparently, she knew Do Kyung's painful past too. It should be a surprise that Do Kyung found it that another Oh Hae Young had a cancelled wedding. Because his fiancee was Oh Hae Young, too.

But he already knew by the looks of it.

But this Oh Hae Young really surprised him when he saw her. Because she was the woman in his head. 

Same name.

Why? Why must fate let them meet?
For him, it was a dark foreshadow because he was a part of why she, Oh Hae Young was in this state. He was the guilty one. He ruined her happiness without knowing.

And what he saw in his head happened in front of his eyes. Their meeting was sudden. Surprising him. Actually he bumped into her so hard it made her nose bleed. A scene he already anticipated.

Yes, his friend Jin Sang made a mistake in telling him that Han Tae Jin was marrying Oh Hae Young. But then, Do Kyung did not research who Oh Hae Young was, mistaking her for his runaway bride last year.

Because he saw him with his Oh Hae Young hours after he was jilted in a photo via SNS in some place...looking happy.

They both ruined a guy now inside the prison. His business became a mess when he got bankrupt.

Another vision unfolded before the night ended. She was there, picking up his wallet in the midst of traffic, not really afraid of getting hit by running cars.

This Oh Hae Young was walking towards him...
and all he could do was watch and wait.

As if entranced by what's happening at that moment.

It was surreal!

It was too late to avoid it. Fate had already let them meet.
Destiny is taking charge for the both of them.

She had no idea who he was. He knew enough about her and her scars which he had somehow inflicted without knowing.

Will he be able to avoid her if he tried?
But his head keeps on feeding him visions of this girl.
He could no longer stop it even if he does not want to see them. 
She is here in front of him.

And it's making his head spin...
perhaps literally.

A fateful encounter.
A new Oh Hae Young entered his life.
What would be the repercussion of his mistake towards this woman in the future?

This drama is showing so much emotions. And the cast is delivering very well.


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