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Thursday, May 26, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Another Oh Hae Young episode 2 - Fate Sure is Ironic

Guess fate is intervening fast, and too fast for Do Kyung to handle. Even if he wanted to evade what surely would happen, considering he is having visions coming from his head regarding Oh Hae Young, [the woman he mistakenly thought was his Oh Hae Young] he could not anymore. Fate sure is ironic, letting him meet and have interaction with this Oh Hae Young. The woman is clueless on why her wedding was ruined, while Do Kyung knew enough about her.


It was inevitable that their paths would crossed again. But it was a surprise on how their chance meeting was played on. She was there at the right time and place when his wallet was thrown short by Jin Sang in the midst of traffic. Like she was not caring if she got hit by passing cars, she walked along the busy streets, defying the racing cars and picked up his wallet.  Then walked towards him who just stood by the sides, as if in a trance, staring at her as she closed the distance between them.

It should have ended their brief encounter when he reached for his wallet. But it seemed that the night was still too early that they found themselves having a drink.

She was the one conversing. He was quiet. 
A bit bored? 
Perhaps. or maybe he was careful not to be caught in his wrong doings that he just listened to her apparently friendly chat. They do have a common friend or acquaintance. The girl who just told Do Kyung about the real Oh Hae Young that cancelled her wedding not too long ago.

Why was it so easy for her to talk about her past and her frustrations to this stranger she only met a couple of times, she did not know. Or maybe her head is elsewhere.  As if she could not stop herself from baring her soul...
her pains that she tried hard to veil with nonchalance and laughter. 

Like she was and still okay with how fate treats her.

But he knew. 
He saw through her. Because he was one of the cause of why she must be feeling messed up right now. She must be. 

And her name and how she spelled it reminded her of his Oh Hae Young...
must they be the same even on how they spell their names?

Seriously, it was agitating him.

Do Kyung told Jin Sang his encounters with Oh Hae Young. Of course, the latter would be protective of him, scared for him if this Oh Hae Young found out what Park Do Kyung did to Han Tae Jin. The guy was ruined. He is inside the prison awaiting for trial. Jin Sang keeps on telling him to avoid this Oh Hae Young.

Noona strikes again!
Got home drunk again!
Babbling nonsense...in french only she could  understand.
Life is unfair for her. She too wants protection but the village protectors see her as the one they have to protect themselves from.

Lol at her situation!

An Na is the new girlfriend of Park Hoon.
So young but aggressive. This ahjussis... could not understand her when she is only 21 and seeing a much older guy like Hoon.

Gwenchana! She can take care of him. He is definitely on the palm of her hands.

The drama continues to show unpredictable and entertaining scenes which makes for so much laughs. 

Do Kyung has another vision of Oh Hae Young...

While Oh Hae Young seems to be living normally, it is really not normal for any woman who got her wedding cancelled not too long ago not to see affected one bit. This would surely make her mother mad at her for ruining her own wedding. She cancelled it herself!

That's what her family thought.

Oh Hae Young forgot her mobile phone inside Do Kyung's car the night before when he took her home.
Another unavoidable encounter for them. He has to give it back to her of course. Remembering his vision, he asked if she knew where he lived. Of course, she does not know...yet.

Her past and the other Oh Hae Young...
what were her humiliations then.


It feels great to see friends again, thinking those bad days are gone. She is now a better version of herself back then. It seems that she really has changed...
seeing the anticipation from their faces.

But again, they are waiting for the other pretty Oh Hae Young. Then and now seems the same. Nothing has changed. She, Oh Hae Young will still be the shadow of the other Oh Hae Young.

Oh Hae Young #2 keeps on calling Do Kyung. He knew it was her. But he has no plans on taking her call. Not even wanting to hear her voice. Can we blame him? 

Was he really mean just as An Na thought of him? Was he not entitled to be mean?

He suffered the humiliation of being jilted. He agonized over the woman he loved who suddenly left him, without one single word of explanation.

Do Kyung's mother and her prospect of a new husband...

What did happen in the past?

Jin Sang told him about Han Tae Jin, a businessman who was about to get married to Oh Hae Young. Han Tae Jin just got an investment from Chairman Jang, his mother's boyfriend now.

Do Kyung followed what truly his heart wanted to do to the man he thought would marry Oh Hae Young, his Oh Hae Young.

The sneer was already predicting a planned revenge on Han Tae Jin who remained clueless of what's to befall on him.

The drama lets the character show another side of coping up with what's bothering the mind and heart. This scene may be foolish, but it showed that every one can do whatever they want to express their feelings. 

Crazy..insane...but if this was the only way to make it easier for her to ease her sufferings without baring her soul to her parents and to those close to her, why not?

Oh Hae Young has not yet had a good amount of cry since the wedding was called off. She was acting fine all along when in front of her colleagues and parents. She has no time yet to deal with her inner pains. All she had so far was those short cries, not enough for her to get to move forward.

The truth is bound to be revealed, if not all, but at least a part of it.
 Han Tae Jin was really clueless why Park Do Kyung whom he did not even know did this to him.

Do Kyung could only wait for Han Tae Jin to get out and maybe...

will his explanation of mistaken identity be enough to receive forgiveness?

Seems more things keep on bothering him.
His ex fiancee, Oh Hae Young...
Oh Hae Young he met...
Han Tae Jin...

At the bar where he was drowning himself over a drink, there was Oh Hae Young again. She just keeps on appearing, inside his head and in front of his eyes.
Seeing her miserable grates on his guilty conscience.

Baring her inner thoughts...
her well kept secrets...

She just blurted out that she was dumped by her boyfriend before the wedding.
Yes, to Park Do Kyung.

A sad revelation. A humiliation she was trying hard to keep from her family, but for this man, she just told him.

Her pain was cutting through his conscience. He knew what it was like to feel this helpless. To feel abandoned. 

To feel shit!

He understood well.
But he could not tell her that. He could only listen.

The vision became a reality.

Small world for Do Kyung and Oh Hae Young is getting even smaller.
She just rented out the storage room which was connected to the second floor of the house where he is currently occupying. The ground floor is his noona's.

Walking inside the room, Oh Hae Young was surprised and at the same time awed by what she is seeing.

And then...

here comes Do Kyung.

Clad in towel only!
Oh my...

I think she was thinking exactly what I was thinking seeing this hunk of a man.

He is one sexy  NAMJA!

Taken aback, he stopped once he saw her. So it was this situation that he was seeing in his head. She inside his room.

How can he escape this situation?
She is literally everywhere he is!

When fate decides to intervene, most of the times it surely gets ironic.


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