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Friday, November 11, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Why Do I Feel Frustrated on #onthewaytotheiarport episode 15?

This is not a review or a recap. It is just my quick thoughts and frustrated feelings while watching episode 15.

haven't watched the final episode yet and trying not to read spoilers.

episode 15 was something I feel quite upset about the actions of Soo Ah. I know I may be the only one feeling different by the leads' actions and not so happy about it..with the excuse of not really wanting to justify the forbidden love just because they have the excuse of having a lousy marriage.
Yes, Soo Ah needs to be happy for herself but..but... I am really concerned about the presence of her daughter in her life. Not all decisions can be centered on herself but...

well, I guess I have to see the ending to finally share my thoughts overall on the drama. But as for episode 15, I personally thought that she should have gone with her daughter on that trip if only to confront her husband and finally say "I am divorcing you, no second chances!"

I am for a clean break, for a fresh start. I want to settle things first before continuing with what i love to do with my life. And of course, consult your daughter's feelings. After all, her husband may be a JERK, still he is a father to Hyo Eun.

Enough said for now. Just frustrated at the actions of both Do Woo and Soo Ah since one of them still inside a marriage. Maybe this is the other side of the affair. Maybe this is an eye opener. But if viewers are encouraged of this kind of behavior and actions, supporting this affair, then I think it should not only happen while watching a drama but of course also in real life.

episode 16 here I come...


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