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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pepero Games ... Can You Handle The Heat?

Yesterday was Pepero Day in Korea.

Fans who are following K Pop and variety shows knew about this game called Pepero game where couple shared the stick and shy or not, will meet in the middle, if they can handle the heat. Lips will surely touched to make the smallest size of the pepero stick to win the game.

One of my favorite couple who did this game was the Jjongah couple from WGM. If you are a regular visitor in this page you would have noticed the gif photos below of the couple and the pepero game was included.

Yes, the shorter the better!

Then I find it cute that Uee can't handle the heat with 2PM's Chansung in the game.

Lovely Moon Chae Won with Gary in Running Man...

They played the ice pepero game. So the ice slipped in the end....

Of course there is Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min who were by far the most bold couples in WGM history, well as far as my opinion is concerned.

2PM's Woo Young was surprised by the remaining bits from the pepero! But then surprisingly, they won against the couple.

2PM's Woo Young and Park Se Young

Cute Henry and Ye Won in WGM...

Well this is how the Pepero Game is. Fun right?


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