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Monday, May 20, 2013

Jang Ok Jung Screencaps Episode 13 + Short Recap

Jang Ok Jung has great timing. Even though it wasn't planned, SJ/LS came surprising them and she took the opportunity to make Queen Mother say what happened or rather what she did to Ok Jung the other night.

Ok Jung is not only smart but slowly being calculating. She is learning how to play everything in her hands. Although I know how deep her love is for LS, the pain she is enduring made her this feisty and fiery concubine.

The romance continue between Ok Jung and King Suk Jong. Even in the presence of Queen Inhyun, the lovers are both displaying their love and affection. It is Ok Jung's only weapon against In Hyun. She find satisfaction in the pain of the other woman.

She visited the tailor's chamber. The time for revenge is sweeter yet bitter.

I think deep inside, Ok Jung has a soft heart, but because of undesirable circumstances that happened and continuous to happen in her life, all hurt makes her heart turn into stone.

An old friend will appear in Ok Jung's life. Hyun Chi Soo.

The last scene is daebak! She witnessed how her lowly mother was even degraded by the Queen Mother and Queen In Hyun who is just looking like a bystander.

She fearlessly confronted both. She even slapped the court maid of the Queen. Her temper is showing without any reservation and without any regard of who is receiving it. Clearly, Ok Jung is making her opponents see how far she can go and how stronger she will take every challenge. Even if it is the Queen.

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