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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo Making Film Secretly Greatness

Kim Soo Hyun(김수현) - Lee Hyun Woo(이현우)영화 "은밀하게 위대하게" 촬영현장

Scheduled to be released on June 5, "Kim Soo-hyun," Mr. ", Lee Hyun Woo," Mr. Movie "secretly greatness" shooting is making.covertly to greatness 2013 Genre: Action, Drama, ComedyDirector: jangcheolsu Cast: Kim Soo-hyun (the source exchange) , bakgiung (Lee haerang), Lee Hyun Woo (Lee became), sonhyeonju (Kim, Tae - Won) Plot: republic the revolution warriors, spies In this place. wild dogs brought into a monster was born in Nampa mission in the neighborhood, but hey idiot. Nampa Special Tool of North Korea 5446 bag. 20000:1 super elite of the competition origins punched circle, Republic ryuhwan highest authority officials as good as the son of strongman Lee haerang, Republic spy Lee became the youngest Nampa. Three people is like the legend of the 5446 bag. , but facing the mission for the Reunification of the Fatherland won the Nampa mission that they are in charge ridiculous eopgedo shantytowns stupid, wannabe singer, is a high school student. Time passes without a command passed to go, but South underclass living in shantytowns kkimyeo everyday people become accustomed to the bag goes to them one day at a great mission naeryeojinda secret and unexpected. legend to be able to return their story starts now are. Secretly Greatly 2013 Director: Jang Chul Su Cast: Kim Soo Hyun (Hwan Ryu Won), Park Ki Wung (Lee Hae Ryang), Lee Hyun Woo (Lee Hae Jin) Movie Description: Behaves somewhat Lack of Something, and somewhat dirty Outlook, as being a Fool to be teased by children of his neighbor of HIM Dong Gu of Reality is a Spy Hwan Ryu Won Sent from North Korea. As HE received an Order from a Poor Village in North Korea lives in Seoul, there occurred a warm feeling between villagers and Won Ryu Hawn ...

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