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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When a Man Loves Episode 15 Screencaps + Recap + mslee's thoughts

Continuing from last episode, Mi Do who was rundown by Chang Hee on a dark street regained her senses in a hospital after surgery/treatment. When she opened her eyes, two men were hovering over her, Jae Hee and Tae Sang on either side.

Surprisingly, she held her hands towards TS and grasped his hands. An indication that she was choosing him over JH. She was apparently having amnesia and doesn't recognize JH, to his dismay and hurt.

She suffered from [temporary] amnesia and the doctor told her she can't walk. [if it is permanent, still have to watch with sub] She felt frustrated and cried when she fell off the bed and can't do anything.

What's different in this episode is that she shows affection towards TS.  Meanwhile, when MD dialled the number she last called in the presence of TS, it was CH she was calling.

Still not recalling anything from before the accident. TS confronted CH about the accident. CH was not remorseful. Evident in his actions, he blamed MD for all things that is happening to JH and TS.

The most revealing part of the episode was when CH was writing a letter to JH. He was telling that JH is not his real brother. [this according to zarrajae @the thread/soompi]

Hmmm....if JH is not CH brother, who is he? A bit confusing here, right? 

I am somehow elated by the fact that JH is suffering from MD's dismissal of him. For a long time now, his persistence is one of the reasons why MD betrayed TS. Yes...this is true. But maybe debatable but i'll stand by my views.

SJ did not let the incident passed by, she visited the hospital and when TS talked to her outside, without them knowing, MD's father overheard their talk. SJ told TS she saw CH at the scene before the accident. [again, thanks to zarrajae for the trans]

And she thought TS knows about it. Again...SJ is being a pain. I can't stand her for her for making TS look like he planned everything and that he is capable of doing such unacceptable act. And I thought she loves him. And I thought she really knows him. 

Another accident happened when TS brought MD and her brother and her friend to a trip. While in the middle of cooking, MD was left alone and CH came. He insisted that MD is faking her amnesia. He pushed the wheelchair uphill and left her alone, far from where she was before.
She turned around but because it was downhill, she could not maneuver the wheelchair and it rode faster than she anticipated. It tumbled at the sides and she was thrown out and rolled down hitting her head and lost consciousness. The rain started to fall.

TS and the other two looked for her. TS found her. She was crying. [she was saying it all happened coz she liked someone else] Well, I think her memory got back after this accident.

And TS soon will realize all of it.

End of episode 15

mslee's thoughts

As much as MD is hated by everyone else, I do believe she suffered from temporary amnesia. Her last thoughts before she regained her senses at the hospital were of those memories she had with TS, albeit not good.

But the brain is something special and always a mystery. Of all memories, it found TS and not JH. Subconsciously, her mind is thinking of TS. Why? Maybe because she is scared of him? Because she knew his threat towards her?

For whatever reasons, I am glad it found TS. Maybe what her confused mind can not decide, deep inside, it is longing for TS. Maybe this is my wishful thinking. maybe I am right. Maybe I am wrong. But the writer has not given me sufficient answers on what MD really wants and who she loves. 

As a whole, I will say that this drama is giving me a new taste, a new story that has not yet been written before in k-drama. [as far as i know] Where the lead actress and the lead actor may not end up together. Although there were some who ended with the second lead guy, [maybe because the chemistry is turning that way] still I find that TS and MD character both suited one another. 

How the writer will turn the events and unfold more mystery with only 5 episodes remaining is something I've yet to see.

some trans credit as mentioned


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