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Monday, July 1, 2013

Empire of Gold Episode 1 Screencaps + short Recap

The drama started with Jang Tae Joo [Go Soo] committing a crime. But it was an instinct against him. Then the wedding with Choi Seo Yoon [Lee Yo Won]. Both are exuding awesome chemistry.
JTJ seems to be on the revenge here.

Then flashback...
As I understand, he came from a struggling family. He has a sister. His father working. Meanwhile, CSY's father was in a hospital, confined. Her cousin, Choi Min Jae [Son Hyun Joo] was also working in the company owned by Seo Yoon's family. There was a meeting of the board members and I think SY was having a hard time facing the board. She was the only female and there was some kind of power against her. CMJ is an ambitious man, and is waiting for his time.

JTJ father was in an accident, from a riot. 

Well, this is it for now...will wait for the subs. I have yet to fully understand the story. As for a pilot episode, I think the pacing was good. I hope the writer will continue with this kind of pace.

And I like the angles and the blocking. Or maybe, Go Soo and Lee Yo Won are just both so good and they are great whenever they are on the screen. Even separately. She is not aging, still pretty as the last time I watched her in a drama with KSW. [ahh...that's too long ago.]

screencaps by me...


  1. Thank you mslee for recapping Empire of Gold.I too think both lee yo won and ko soo are most beautiful people.All round actors are doing well portraying their character.can't wait for your recaps because not being a Korean its hard for me to grasp the story line.Thank you again.

  2. @Blog
    thank you for visiting the page. I will do my best to update EOG and post screencaps as soon as the live streaming ends, too.
    but for summary review and some thoughts, it will always be after the subs are out. I am also not Korean, and though some scenes are easily understood, still, i'd rather wait for subs.:))