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Thursday, July 4, 2013

MinSul is Back! [TRANS] Q&A : Minho and Sulli on TVfan Interview

credit:  peach20kr
                                      source : http://tvfan-k.kyodo.co.jp/fe-in/interview/61542

Minho: I've got to know Sulli well through this
drama and we could succeed in finishing this
drama coz we worked in perfect harmony, and
this drama also gave us a good opportunity to be
able to know each other's common thoughts. We
had a really good time during this drama and first
of all, we've become much closer to each other
through this drama.

Sulli: Minho was just Seonbae and I wasn't that
close to him at first, but I'm very glad to think
"this drama (working together) have become a
good chance to be close to him" and during
filming drama, (off camera) even though Minho
was my Seonbae, I was so comfortable (or close
with Minho) that I even called Minho "Hey! Kang
Tae-Jun (어이 강태준!-very intimate(banmal, rude)
expression when calling close friends, and lovers)
the words just spilled out of my mouth. I feel
really comfortable being around with him and I
feel like having one more oppa as I have two my
real oppas.

Sulli: for me, the most impressive episode was
when we stayed in the beach house for a week for
filming and I had a real great time riding a desert
bike and eating watermelons together there. I felt
like really having fun together (not filming).

Sulli: when there was a kiss scene with Minho, f
(x) members called and teased me but they also
cheered me up by informing me of good news
about our drama reviews.

Minho: (on kiss scene) It's similar to Sulli, shinee
members teased me and they remembered my
lines coz I practiced memorizing my lines in a car
when moving around.

Q: The event will be held in August..

Sulli: Japan makes me think about delicious
foods, good manners and....image..(?)
I want to go shopping and eat sushi from this
japan trip,.. there are lots of things I want to eat
there, (laugh)

Minho: at first I thought Japan had image like
what Sulli said but whenever I have a concert
tour and meet Japanese fans, I think female
Japanese fans always have girl-like hearts, so I
always thank fans for supporting Shinee and I'm
really looking forward to this event coz it's a
good chance for me to show a good drama as an

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